Hey, everyone! They say fashion comes full circle. Back in the day, I was obsessed with logo tees. My shirts and sweaters just HAD to have the little Abercrombie moose on them, #tbt. Then I absolutely detested logos, and recently I’ve reincorporating branded tees into my wardrobe once again. This time, I’m sticking to repping pop culture.

You’re probably wondering: why Hot Wheels? I didn’t own that many Hot Wheels as a kid, but I always treated the few that I had like they were treasures. I would also forgo opting for the Barbie toys (down with gender roles) when McDonald’s would collab with Barbie/Hot Wheels for their Happy Meals (why would I get a doll that doesn’t do anything when I could get a toy that actually ZOOMS around). Basically, Hot Wheels are really freakin’ cool and timeless and yes, I would definitely race some right now if given the chance. You can style your black logo tees with loose jeans, some slides, and a dad hat for an instant street style vibe, just like I did here. Can’t beat that.

Shirt: eBay

Hat: Amazon

Jeans: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Steve Madden

NRoH branded logo tees 4

NRoH branded logo tees 5

NRoH branded logo tees 2

NRoH branded logo tees 3

PSA: Rompers can be worn for at least another month! I keep seeing fashion bloggers posting about how it’s the end of summer, but weather-wise, summer’s sticking around till late September. For me, both school and college always started in September, so August has never bogged me down about signifying summer’s end. My summer wardrobe is still kickin’ and that’s why I’m still wearing things like this itty bitty romper around town. It’s black and white so it’s versatile, yet it’s patterned, which adds interest. It also has pockets, thank god, which is always a blessing for women’s clothes. You can purchase this exact romper on H&M’s website and in stores!

Romper: H&M

Shoes: JCrew

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (custom Clubmasters)

Lip Color: June Bug by Kylie Cosmetics (available now as August Bug in the Birthday Collection)

Summer Romper 4

Summer Romper 3

Summer Romper 2

Summer Romper 1