It’s Ok to Repeat Songs – 3 Artists You Should Check Out

Hey, everyone! Although this is supposed to be a blog focused mainly on clothes, every now and then I’ll post about something different. This time, it’s music.  I’m the kind of person who listens to songs on repeat until I get sick of them.  These artists and songs are part of my current obsessions.

1. Clean Man John


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My good friend Neal just released a new album under the pseudonym Clean Man John a few weeks ago and I am obsessed with it.  My top three favorite tracks are “The Days,” “Vladimir Putin Sits and Thinks,” and “Exercise Caution.”  Neal wrote all of the lyrics himself and is incredibly talented.  The album is available here on bandcamp at no cost.

2. Those Girls


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Does anyone remember the Bravo series NYC Prep? Well, I do, and yes, being from New York I do know some of the people on it.  But that’s not the point.  The point is, remember that girl Kelli on the show? Her singing career is actually a real thing, and she’s currently in an all girl trio called Those Girls and their music is worth a listen.  All three girls have incredibly powerful vocals.  Check out “Parisian Heroine,” (their most popular track),  as well as “Dirty Money.”  These girls also write their own songs and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store up ahead.

3.  Abigail Breslin and Cassidy Reiff

CABB the band-NRoH

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Did you know that actress Abigail Breslin also sings?  She formed a singing duo with her best friend, Cassidy Reiff and their track “Well Wishes” is one of my favorites.  Cassidy’s track “Jewel Box” is another catchy one, and she is also an up and coming DJ.  Look out for both girls, they’re both accomplishing so many cool things!


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