On the Radar: Jelly Sandals

Hey, everyone! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing jelly sandals EVERYWHERE these days.  You may have had a pair when you were little way back when, and the trend is back as part of a larger 90’s nostalgia fashion movement that’s been taking over stores for the past few years.  I actually own 4 pairs, and I think of them as a good alternative to sneakers like vans or converse.   If you buy the right colors to suit your wardrobe, they’ll be on your feet for more days and part of more outfits than you’ll anticipate!

Here are my top picks for jellies:

1.  Juju Jelly Sandals


Image via calmiah.tumblr.com

Truly a classic, British company Juju is basically the hallmark of jelly sandals.  Many cheaper options you’ll see are imitations of these babies.  I have the Juju Babe Heeled Sandal in black.  At only 5’2″, I like the extra height that the heeled ones give me, and the black optimizes their capability to match anything in my closet.  I didn’t include a link because you can find these at SO MANY STORES right now including but not limited to Urban Outfitters, Topshop, ModCloth, Asos, and American Apparel.

2.  Cooperative Heeled Jelly Sandal

Glitter Jellies UO-NRoH

Image via urbanoutfitters.com

A must for lovers of glitter and cute shoes! These are an amazing find for $20, and a great alternative to their more expensive counterparts (looking at you, Juju glitter sandals).  The only downside is that they’re only available online, which means you can’t try them on unless you order them.  I have them in silver and they run narrow, which is great for those who, like me, suffer from I-have-the-narrowest-feet-in-the-world-so-finding-shoes-is-nearly-impossible syndrome.

3.  Jelly Fisherman Sandal

Fisherman Jellies UO-NRoH

Image via urbanoutfitters.com

I don’t actually own these, but they look super cute and they’re well priced at a solid $24.  They’re also top-rated according to Urban.  It’s always a great idea to read and look at the feedback before you buy a product, it’s saved me from buying cute but low quality items countless times.

4. Asos Funky Jelly Sandals

Asos Funky Jellies-NRoH

Image via asos.com

These are adorable and come in fun colors like bright yellow and neon pink (two of my favorite colors).   They’re $20 with an additional 10% off if you’re a college student (see this link for more info).  Also see Asos New Look Jellyfish Sandals for a cute, cheap, black/white option.

5. Lug Heeled Jelly Sandals

Lug Jellies Charlotte Russe-NRoH

Image via charlotterusse.com

Remember what I said about the prevalence of knock-off Jujus? Exhibit A, these sandals from Charlotte Russe.  Equally cute without being equally expensive.

Find any other jellies? Add your favorites by commenting below!


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