The Perfect Summer Scent

Best Summer Scent-NRoH

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I’ve been given my shares of perfume over the years and most of them have been sitting on my shelves collecting dust.  That changed last summer when I finally went through all of the bottles I’ve received and rediscovered Daisy.  Released in 2007, Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a floral scent that strikes a nice balance between being too overpowering and barely there. With ingredients like violet, jasmine, and vanilla, it’s no wonder that Daisy is one of Marc Jacobs’ top selling perfumes (its moniker has been used to market newer perfumes such as Daisy Dream and Daisy Eau So Fresh).  And don’t let its floral nature and the title of the post throw you off; Daisy is a scent that can be worn and noticed during any season.  You can find Daisy at your local Sephora and at most major department stores.


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