Hey, everyone! Right now, I’m looking into expanding my jewelry collection for fall and chokers are everywhere!  This trend is cute, nostalgic, and fun.  Here are my top picks for chokers (a.k.a chokers that DON’T make it look like you’re wearing a dog collar, I’ve seen lots of those. Yikes!):

 1. Classic Black Choker



Image via ebay.com

Looks just like the one you got by putting quarters in those toy vending machines at the grocery store. Ah, memories :’)

2. Pikachu Choker

Choker necklace-NRoH

Image via shopjeen.com

Similar to the classic, but with added Pokemon awesomeness.

3. Heart Emoji Choker

emoji choker-NRoH

Image via etsy.com/shop/WeekendCloset

Words cannot describe how much I need this in order to wear it with my heart emoji outfit.  Checkout Weekend Closet for other amazing emoji chokers and 90’s things.

4.  Holographic Choker

Holographic choker-NRoH


Image via etsy.com/shop/MiGente

Also a need for anyone as holographic obsessed as I am.

5.  Saturn Choker

Saturn Choker-NRoH

Image via etsy.com/shop/MooingAtOwls

This one is just so cute and cyber and space grungy I love it!  The unicorn choker is also worth checking out.

See any more amazing chokers? Share them by commenting!


Hey, everyone! One girl I’m seriously crushing on right now (and you should be, too) is none other than singer/songwriter Marika Hackman.  Childhood friend of model Cara Delevingne and former Burberry model, Hackman hasn’t gone unnoticed.  This girl has some serious talent. Her folksy, clear toned voice cuts to the core as she sounds amazing just singing over a single guitar.  Check out Bath is Black (warning: the video is super weird but the song is great), Cinnamon, and Wolf.  For even more Marika awesomeness, check out this tongue in cheek song written about her by a band by the name of Itchy Teeth.  That’s right, Marika is so cool and inspiring, other people are writing songs about her!  I only wish she was touring in the States!  I have no doubt she’s flawless as a live performer.

Marika Hackman-NRoH

Image via justmusicthatilike.com

Note: I never would have come across Marika’s work if it weren’t for this blog! Check it out for more music things/songs to listen to when you’re sick of all the songs you know.