The Great Backpack Hunt

With the coming of every school year, there’s new clothes, new shoes, and new bags.  I always like to start fresh with a new bag, but it’s always a challenge finding the perfect one.  This year, it’s especially hard to top last year’s gunmetal holographic backpack courtesy of O-Mighty, which is unfortunately too frail to carry on through another school year after surviving the harsh Chicago winter.  Here are my top picks so far, and I’ll continue to edit the list as I find worthy candidates:

1.  Luna Backpack

Luna Backpack-NRoH

Image via

Everything about this bag is perfect, the size, the design; I love the moon and stars detailing on the straps.  And yes, there is an Artemis version, but this one is a better option because a) I’m more of a Luna fan anyway and b) white backpacks get so dirty!  So, what better way to celebrate the premiere of Sailor Moon: Crystal than by toting your own Luna around all day?

2. Unicorn Backpack

Unicorn Backpack-NRoH

Image via

Yes, this backpack is very juvenile, but that’s entirely the point. My spirit animal is a unicorn so I wouldn’t even need to use this backpack ironically.

3. Blue Satin Backpack

Blue Satin Backpack-NRoH

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I’m strongly considering changing my favorite color from purple to royal blue because it’s just such a pretty color.  The satin look of this is so chic and elegant.  I also love how this backpack is plain but still attention grabbing.  It also comes in green if royal blue isn’t for you.

4. Denim Backpack

Denim Backpack-NRoH

Image via

This has been my “backup backpack” for years now.  In other words, it’s the backpack that I keep saying I’ll buy in the event that I fail to find any other cute backpack for the school year.  I already have a denim tote made from an actual pair of jeans that I famously carry with me nearly everywhere I go, but a tote is definitely not the same thing as a backpack. In the event that this bag becomes mine, I’ll be sure to customize it with the coolest pins and patches I can find.  A DIY post perhaps?

5. Tardis Backpack

Tardis Backpack-NRoH

Image via

 Ok, I’ve never even seen a Doctor Who episode (I know, shame on me), but I still think this backpack is awesome. Honestly, if I were a Whovian, I probably would have bought this already.

6.  Black Honeycomb Backpack

Black Honeycomb Backpack-NRoH

Image via

This is a sleek, simple, and roomy option.  Like the Blue Satin Backpack, this one is plain but the touch of honeycombs makes it notable.

Like these backpacks? Whether you love them or hate them, leave feedback below by commenting!  As I said before, I’ll update this post when I can, but I’m also completely open to suggestions. Comment away!


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