On the Radar: Scrunchies

Hey, everyone! That’s right, the bulky hair accessory is back! I secretly envied my childhood friend for always having a velvet scrunchie around her wrist.  It doesn’t surprise me that they’re having a moment right now; you can’t go full-on ’90’s throwback without scrunchies!  Here are my top picks for the trend if you feel like hopping on the bandwagon for this one:

1.  Velvet Scrunchie

Velvet Scrunchie-NRoH

Image via americanapparel.com

American Apparel might as well change its name to Scrunchie Heaven. SO MANY OPTIONS. I’m drawn to the velvet ones in particular because of my love for the fabric and my childhood desire to have a velvet scrunchie around my wrist at all times, but the denim and printed options are just as awesome.

2.  Silver Crackle Hair Scrunchie

Crackle Scrunchie-NRoH

Image via topshop.com

Forget crackle nails (those are so done with, anyway)! Now you can have a retro meets tough glamour look with this scrunchie.  A must!

3.  Blue Tartan Hair Scrunchie

Tartan Scrunchie-NRoH

Image via topshop.com

Classic meets trendy for this tartan scrunchie.  Adorable.

4.  Floral Crochet Scrunchie Set

Scrunchie Pack-NRoH

Image via forever21.com

If you’re looking to get more for your money, Forever 21’s got your back with this three pack of ultra femme scrunchies.  So pretty!

I’m currently not in any need to do serious shopping for a while, so I know that if I went to a store like Topshop to buy scrunchies I’d get super distracted by everything else there.  However, the good thing about this trend is scrunchies are always available at local drugstores.


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