Throw Pillows For Your New Dorm Room

Hey, everyone! August is here and a lot of you guys will be heading off to school in just a few weeks! Lucky for me, I still have another month and a half to go, so I’ve been spending time designing and planning out my new room/apartment!  A lot of work has been going into planning my bedding, since I’ve decided to ditch my beloved bandana sheets in exchange for new chic houndstooth ones.  I actually didn’t have any cute throw pillows on my bed last year, and I’ve been looking into changing that as well! Here are my top picks for throw pillows:

1.  Emoji Throw Pillow

emoji throw pillow NRoH

Image via

Emojis are basically everything.  I was disappointed to discover that only certain emojis have made it to pillow form, but perhaps that will change one day.  These pillows are also a steal- each one costs less than $10 plus there’s free shipping!

2.  Fancy Letter Throw Pillow

initial pillow NRoH

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Who doesn’t love personalized things?  The great thing about this pillow is that it’s available in every letter, not just the common ones.

3. Silver Crackle Long Throw Pillow

silver crackle pillow NRoH

Image via

This one is elegant and will match nearly any bedding (unless your bedding is gold).

4.  Holographic Throw Pillow

holographic pillow NRoH

Image via

Simply amazing.  This pillow is gorgeous, I only wish it came in long instead of square.

5.  Cupcake Throw Pillow

cupcake throw pillow NRoH

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Adorable and realistic! Check out more foodie pillow options here.

6. Ctrl Alt Del Pillows

ctrl alt del pillows NRoH

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These would probably be easy to diy, but the idea itself is very clever.  Check out the Etsy shop with the link provided above for more pillows like these.

These are just some out of the millions of throw pillows out there!  Check out Pinterest, Etsy, Ebay and any home store for more great finds!


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