Girl Crush: Erin Yogasundram and Amelia Muqbel

It’s time yet again for another Girl Crush post, or should I say, Girl Crushes! The spotlight is on not one, but two amazing girls who are taking the retail industry by storm.

Erin Yogasundram

erin jeen nroh

Known as Erin Jeen on social media, 23 year old mogul Erin Yogasundram has created a global fashion emporium from the ground up.  Starting from her dorm room at George Washington University, Erin is the CEO of what is now Shop Jeen, an online retailer that has gained Instagram followers and Tumblr traction en masse.  Her persistence and ability to meet her customers’ growing demands has made her and her business an incredible success story.

Amelia Muqbel

 amooolia nroh

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Fondly referred to as Amooolia on social media, Shop Jeen would probably not be where it is today without the help of 25 year old Amelia Muqbel.  A fashion icon in her own right, as creative director of Shop Jeen she has brought life, cuteness, and sparkles to the company in a way that no one else ever could.  Her likability, amazing creative control, and her incredible stickering skills have undoubtably helped shape Shop Jeen’s image and signature style.

Together, these girls are the faces of Shop Jeen (despite the fact that the company now has models).  These girls are kawaii, iconic, bad ass, and know how to run one of the most successful start ups in recent years.  Their rapid expansion poses a serious threat to many other online retailers (namely, Dolls Kill and Karmaloop).  They were recently featured and interviewed for Vice and I’m positive that their press coverage isn’t going to stop there (just look at this blog post!).  They have both come such a long way, and I can’t wait to see how much further they go!

ShopJeen nroh

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For more on Erin and Amelia, check out these links:

@Erin Jeen


And visit Shop Jeen, of course.


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