My First NYFW

Hey, everyone! I’ve spent this past summer writing quite a bit of content and reaching out to other bloggers, and my hard work finally paid off!  Another blogger was supposed to attend the shows at Nolcha Fashion Week (an officially recognized NYFW event) but couldn’t make it, so I got to step in!  It was incredible meeting and talking with so many other people in the industry.  There was a total of 5 shows, and they were all fantastic and so different from one another!  Unfortunately, I was struggling with my camera for the first two shows, so the pictures aren’t the best.  I did, however, get video footage of the finale of each collection.  Here’s a first hand account of what went down:

nolcha fw

Thought I’d get a picture of this sign.  It captures the exclusivity of the event quite nicely, I think.

FIRST SHOW: Rinat Brodach

rinat brodach nyfw

rinat brodach nyfw DSCN0836

The opening collection was by Israeli designer Rinat Brodach.  The collection was very cohesive and focused on beautifully draped and structured looks.  Although I am a fan of color more so than all-black, I enjoyed the interesting shapes this collection presented.

Check out the Instagram video here for a better look!

SECOND SHOW: Sofia Arana

nyfw sofia arana

Sofia Arana NYFW

Sofia Arana’s collection was definitely more girly in the traditional sense of the word, featuring girlier, flowier cuts that were very seasonably appropriate (remember, all of the collections for fashion week are for Spring/Summer, because fashion is always ahead of the game).

Check out the Instagram video here for a better look!

THIRD SHOW: Schuyler 4

 DSCN0861 Schuyler 4 NYFW DSCN0857 DSCN0855

This collection stood out for two reasons: 1) it was the only menswear collection of the night and 2) it was also the least cohesive out of all the collections.  I kind of liked that about it, though, because it’s not necessarily what you’d expect.  Schuyler 4 basically catered to all different personalities/types of menswear from casual and sporty to dressed up and dapper.  Very unique and totally awesome!

Check out the Instagram video here for a better look!

FOURTH SHOW: Mariana Valentina

Mariana Valentina NYFW


mariana valentina nyfw DSCN0872 DSCN0873

This collection was very sleek, featuring sheer skin tight dresses and beautiful detailing.  It was probably the most daring collection of the night.  Some of the dresses came off as a little costume-y (think ice skater costumes) but hey, that’s fashion!

Check out the Instagram video here for a better look!

FIFTH (and final) SHOW: Mimi Tran

DSCN0875 DSCN0877 DSCN0879 DSCN0880 DSCN0881 DSCN0883 DSCN0888 Mimi Tran NYFW Mimi Tran NYFW

Save the best for last, or so they say! This was my favorite collection of the night!  The first few dresses looked a slightly prom-esque, but were still beautiful nonetheless. The dresses later on in the show had, by far, the most incredible bead work! The detail was just so unreal on all of the dresses I wanted to buy everything straight off the runway.

Check out the Instagram video here for a better look!

And that’s a wrap! The warehouse quickly emptied as everyone whisked off to after parties and restaurants, whereas I went home because I had a flight to catch the next morning! Until next year, Fashion Week!



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