Dorm Decor and DIYs

Hey, everyone! I’m finally all settled in to my new apartment and I thought I’d show you guys how it turned out! I’m really pleased with the results; I ended up with a room that embodies me more so than any other room I have ever lived in or decorated.


bedding nroh

My bedding is all black with the exception of the duvet cover, which is houndstooth, one of my favorite patterns.

blanket nroh

I also have this incredibly soft black blanket to match! It’s so cozy.


cookie poster nroh

cat eye nroh

posters nroh

No room is complete without posters!  My favorite is the cookie ice cream sandwich one, but the cat eye one is a close second.

wall pictures nroh

I decorated my wall with pictures from this past year.  I was going to use tape to make frames for them, but I changed my mind.

jewelry diy nroh

Here’s a DIY I did to hang my jewelry.  It’s really not much of a DIY though, all I did was buy a poster board and stick thumbtacks in it and voila! Jewelry hanger! Here’s what it looks like at night:

 jewelry diy holder


shelf nroh

closet nroh DSCN0948

I lined my shelves with washi tape last year and decided to do so again this year, but with holographic tape.  I also lined my closet doors.

thumbtack diy nroh

Here’s another DIY I did and this one took more effort to put together.  I got a canvas and thumbtacks and spelled out a message that really resonates with me.  I also had awesome holographic star stickers laying around which were the perfect touch.  You can do the same DIY very easily and write whatever message you want.  I got the idea from here.

E nroh

I bought this really cute purple E from Michaels (they had a bunch of letters just like this one for super cheap, like a dollar or so).  I painted over it with holographic paint but it doesn’t show very well 🙁

hello kitty piggy bank nroh

I also bought this Hello Kitty piggy bank.  I remember stuffing loose change in random containers on my desk last year, so I figured a bank like this one would come in handy in addition to being a super cute decorative piece.

room nroh

So yeah, that’s my room! All there’s left to do is to actually start living in it!  If you know of any other awesome finishing touch ideas or fun dorm DIYs please send them my way. Leave comments below or connect with me on Pinterest. Happy decorating!


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