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Hey, everyone! As the weather gets colder and colder, it’s time to start sporting our warmest and comfiest clothes.  This season, mohair and fauxhair (haha, get it?!) sweaters are all the rage for guys and girls alike! Here’s a curated list of cozy mohair options, from plain to printed:

1.  Fuzzy Knit Polka Dot Sweater

polka dot mohair nroh

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This sweater is both trendy and classic, featuring an all over polka dot print.  It’s also great since it’s black with white polka dots as opposed to the other way around, so it won’t make you look like a giant dalmatian.

2.  Fuzzy Cropped Sweater

amapp fuzzy sweater

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This cropped version from American Apparel is super cute, but is understandably out of many students’ price range.  For a similar and more affordable look, check out this and these.

3.  Knit Sweater

94 mohair sweater nroh

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For a sportier take on mohair sweaters, this one from H&M takes the cake.  It’s also perfect for those of you out there who were born in ’94, if this said 95 I would have snatched it for myself by now.

If pullovers aren’t your thing, you can try these:

4. Button-Down Fuzzy Cardigan

fuzzy cardigan nroh

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Cardigans are an essential layering piece for all seasons! This fuzzy one will keep you especially warm, and would help you rock your t shirts and crop tops all winter long.  An open version is available here.

5. Fuzzy Knit Beanie

mohair beanie nroh

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This beanie will definitely do a great job keeping your head and ears warm! Also available in nude and cream.

6. Mini Dress

mohair dress nroh

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To go full-on Clueless, this mini dress is a fun and ridiculously cute option.  Also available in halter top and sweater form.

7. Crop Top

crop top fuzzy nroh

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I just bought this crop top last week and it’s AMAZING.  The color is vivid and it’s extra soft, as promised.  When I wore it out, people kept asking me if they could touch it! That was a little weird, but it’s understandable because it’s soo soft.

For the guys:

1. Block Sweater

color block mohair mens

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Guys can get in on the mohair craze with this color block sweater from River Island.  Comfy and reasonably priced (remember, students get a discount on through UNIDAYS.)

2. Houndstooth Sweater with Mohair

houndstooth mohair mens

Image via

!!! A manly take on houndstooth! And it’s mohair!!! And it’s on sale!!! Guys, seriously, this is an awesome sweater, I’m legit freaking out.  So warm, so classic, yet also so trendy.

3. Your Neighbors Mohair Crew Neck Sweater

uo mohair sweater mens

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As plain as it gets. This is down-to-earth comfort at its finest.

Like what you see? Find any other awesome mohair pieces? Please leave feedback below.  Also, be sure to check out your local thrift stores for some sure-fire mohair gems.  Stay warm!



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