On My Wish List: The Simpsons x Hello Kitty

Hey, everyone! I’m here today to talk about a sick new collab between The Simpsons and Hello Kitty.  The result? THE MOST AMAZING CLOTHES EVER IMAGINABLE.  Who would have thought that the characters of Springfield could look so kawaii? The collection is being sold through select online retailers, most notably sanrio.com and Japan LA.

Here’s a rundown on the collection:

JapanLA HK x TS

The collection features this crop top along with a dress in the same print,


this t shirt dress featuring the Simpsons family and HK,

T Shirt Front

this amazing t shirt which features HK and Bart on the front and…

T shirt Back

Milhouse and Lisa on the back!

Sweater JLA TS HK

And lastly, this sweater is, by far, my favorite piece in the collection!


All images via sanrio.com

For more information about this collection, check out this article.


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