Winter Nail Art

Hey, everyone! I know everyone’s busy with finals (I am no exception to this), so today I’m here with a short and sweet post about nail art! I painted my nails this past weekend to take a break from studying, and I encourage those who are currently stu(dying) to do the same.  This design is super easy and seasonably appropriate, and I have gotten nothing but positive exclamations along the lines of “those are so cute!” since painting them.

snowman nail art

I’ll admit that I didn’t paint them perfectly, but then again I am a very amateur nail artist who painted these during a busy/stressful time!


-White nail polish

-Black nail polish

-Orange nail polish (I actually used coral because I don’t have orange)

-A really steady hand or bobby pins, toothpicks, or a dotting tool


1. Start with a white base coat.  Paint all nails white and wait for them to be semi-dry.

2.  Use a toothpick, a bobby pin, or a dotting tool (if you’re fancy) for the eyes and the mouth.  I used a bobby pin and made the two eyes first, followed by four smaller dots for the mouth.  Make sure to leave enough space in between for the nose!

3.  Use the pin again to make the nose.  You can do this by making a small dot and then dragging the pin out to create a carrot-esque shape, or make two small dots close to one another and connect them.  I did the former.

4. Repeat steps on your other hand and you’ve got super cute snowman nails!



    • epolner
      December 8, 2014 / 12:41 pm

      Thanks, Maria! ^_^

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