On My Wish List: Naiki and Adidasu Crewnecks

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know just how popular the brands Nike and Adidas are.  Both brands are staples of the sportswear/street style scene.  I haven’t fully gotten on board with the shwanky sportswear trend just yet, but a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon these lovely sweaters on Storenvy.



Images via storenvy.com/stores/127160-inu-inu

They. Are. PERFECT!  Ok, so they’re not officially affiliated/licensed by Adidas or Nike in any way, but who cares??? This is sportswear with a kawaii twist and there could not have been a better match made in heaven. I am SO snagging both of these for myself because I couldn’t be more obsessed with these! They are also both available in t-shirt form here and here.


EDIT: Unfortunately, the Storenvy store that used to sell these crewnecks and tees has vanished.  However, you can still get the Naiki and Adidasu shirts in WHITE with BLACK text here and here!


3 thoughts on “On My Wish List: Naiki and Adidasu Crewnecks

    1. Hey there! These shirts aren’t available on storenvy anymore but they are available in white on Techie Geekiness. I provided links at the end of the post to Techie Geekiness instead!

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