Startup Spotlight: Dressometry

Hey, everyone! Today, I’m introducing a brand new series called Startup Spotlight! I’ll be featuring up-and-coming fun and useful sites that you can incorporate into everyday life.  Today’s spotlight is on Dressometry, a search engine for dresses.  Dressometry aims to ease the daunting task of searching multiple sites on the web for the perfect dress.  You can filter through the 10,000 dresses they have in their database by adjusting parameters such as “occasion,” “color,” or “price,” or ultilize the “Design Your Dress” feature to find the dress you’re looking for.  Say goodbye to having a bajillion tabs open the next time you have to buy a dress, and say hello to Dressometry.

Dressometry Homepage

Adjust the filters shown on the left to find a dress.

Design Your Dress Feature

Clicking on the “Design Your Dress” link will guide you through several prompts to help you find a perfect match.

To learn more about Dressometry, check them out on Facebook.  Happy shopping!



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