Winter Essentials

Hey, everyone! Chicago was hit with quite the blizzard this past weekend, and trekking to class in 2 feet of snow hasn’t exactly been the most fun activity.  Thankfully, this winter hasn’t been quite as cold as the last, but with 6 more weeks on the way, it’s time to stock up on these essentials if you haven’t already.  Together, these 7 items will work as an amazing winter survival kit. Trust me.

1. Warm leggings

fleece lined tights

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I have the HEATTECH leggings from Uniqlo and I swear by them.  I wear them at least twice a week in the winter time with skirts or sometimes under my jeans if it’s dangerously cold outside.  They’re sold out online currently, but if you check stores you may be able to find them.  I’ve also heard that these fleece lined tights are a godsend, but I have yet to purchase them!

2. Gloves


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A lot of heat can be lost through your hands, so it’s really important to keep them covered! These gloves kept me warm all through the polar vortex last winter.

3. Thick socks

thick socks

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I made a gutsy purchase this past fall and bought 18 pairs (that’s three packs) of these socks and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Not only do I wear these socks nearly every single day, they are made of thick material and keep my feet nice and toasty.  I also don’t need to worry about them falling down into my boots because they’re crew socks! If your sock drawer needs a winter wake-up, consider these. They’re fantastic.

4. Boots


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If you’re going to be sloshing through snow, you better make sure you have shoes that can withstand the snow and all of the salt that gets aggressively poured all over the sidewalks.  My recommendations include Hunter rain boots (make sure you buy the fleece inserts for winter), Bean Boots, and a good ol’ pair of 1460 Doc Martens.

5. Infinity scarf

infinity scarf

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I’m really bad at tying scarves, so for me the infinity scarf is the easiest way to stay warm and look chic.  This furry one will keep you especially warm. Blanket scarves are also a big thing right now, if you really want to be warm and take winter layering to the next level.

6. Tissues

kleenex pocket pack

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Cold temperatures = runny noses.  No one wants to be a sniffly mess when they show up for class/work/date etc. Get a cute pack of tissues and your nose will thank you.

7. Chapstick


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This one should be a no-brainer.  I’m really loving my eos this winter, but classic Chapstick brand chapstick will do just fine.


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