On the Radar: Bucket Bags

Bucket bags have been an “it” accessory for a number of months, but until now, they hadn’t been featured here on NRoH.  As part of a general revival of 70’s trends (fringe and wide leg pants are also having their respective moments), this spring, bucket bags are going to be everywhere, so if you want to hop on this bandwagon, here’s exactly where to find these trendy bags:

1. Faux Leather Bucket Bag


Image via forever21.com

You know something has been a trend for a while if Forever 21 starts producing it cheaply; so here you have it: Forever 21 brand bucket bags! These bags are affordable and have all the right detailing (right down to the tassels!). Check out even more options here and here.

2. Cooperative Structured Bucket Bag

cooperative bucket bag

Image via urbanoutfitters.com

The vast majority of bucket bags you’ll find will most likely be black, so this red one is a real gem. This bucket bag will surely give any outfit a pop of pizzazz.

3. Suede Bucket Backpack

bucket backpack

Image via urbanoutfitters.com

If you want to get in on the bucket bag trend but are worried about the potential lack of space for all of your things, look no further! This bucket backpack is a great option for those who carry more than just a phone and wallet.

4. Drawstring Bucket Bag

moto bucket bag

Image via express.com

This bag looks like the result of a cross between a bucket bag and a leather jacket.  The zipper detailing is really edgy and cool; so this bucket bag is perfect for those who prefer a more rock-n’-roll look.

5. Mini Bucket Bag

gray bucket bag

Image via kohls.com

This is the cheapest bag on this list, but only because it’s on sale, so get it now while you can! The mint and pink ones definitely give off a spring vibe, but this gray one will look ultra chic all year round.

6. Perforated Bucket Bag

perforated bucket bag

Image via zara.com

The perforations and white color give this bag a modern feel, and together, these characteristics scream warm weather.


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