Spring Staples

Hey, everyone! Although spring weather hasn’t quite hit yet (it’s been quite cold back home in NYC), here are some amazing pieces that are guaranteed to get a lot of use once spring comes into full swing.

1.  Kimono Cardigan


Image via forever21.com

My friends recently purchased floral kimono cardigans and they could not stop raving about how awesome they are! I haven’t gotten my hands on one yet, but they’re breezy, effortless, and perfect for both spring and summer.

2. Skater skirt

hm skater skirt

Image via hm.com/us

Skater skirts are definitely a spring must-have.  They’re comfortable, flirty, and versatile.  I suggest getting one in a staple color like black or navy. Try to look for funky textures like velvet or quilted for a more interesting and detailed look.

3. Joggers


Image via forever21.com

Joggers are all the rage right now, and it’s not hard to see why.  They’re basically glorified sweatpants.  All the comfort with more class and style.

4. Printed shirt

nroh printed shirt

Image via urbanoutfitters.com

For men, printed shirts can spice up any pair of jeans.  Both Urban Outfitters and Topman have great selections.

5. Slip-on sneakers

nroh mens vans

nroh womens vans

Images via urbanoufitters.com and vans.com

For men and women, the slip-on sneaker is the quintessential spring shoe, as in, you know it’s spring when you can wear your slip-ons without socks and not freeze to death.

6. Denim

nroh mens denim jacket

chambray dress

Images via topman.com and forever21.com

Denim is a staple for both sexes during all four seasons, but spring means denim jackets and chambray dresses.

7. Umbrella

duck umbrella

Image via store.americanapparel.net

You know the saying, April showers bring May flowers! Do yourself a favor and avoid getting drenched during those torrential April downpours and get a fun umbrella.


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