Hey, everyone! Now that the iPhone 6 has been out for a decent amount of time, I figured it was finally time to do a long awaited post on phone cases! The list I’ve compiled includes practical, protective, and flashy cases, as well as cases for several of the most popular phone models.  I hope you guys like these cases as much as I do, and as always, leave your thoughts about this post in the comments section!

1. iPhone 6 Case with Credit Card Holder

blue case nroh

Image via amazon.com

This is one of the most affordable and practical cases in existence.  I have this case in royal blue, and it fits two IDs in the back opening.  It also has a rubber bumper and then a sturdier outer layer.  My only complaint is that it’s, well, a little on the plain side, but that’s nothing a few stickers can’t fix.

2. Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Case with Stand

samsung 6

Image via amazon.com

If you’re always watching Youtube videos and Vines, the stand feature is definitely a plus! This case has a lot of functional value for a cheap price.

3. Sailor Moon Decoden Case for all major phone models

decoden case nroh

Decoden cases are adorable! I LOVE this Sailor Moon one from Etsy.  Decoden cases can get very pricey, but you can totally make your own case using whatever charms and figurines you like.  Check out this DIY by The Pink Samurai.

4. Pantone Universe Case for iPhones

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 6.21.05 PM

Image via pantone.com

Who doesn’t love Pantone? The Pantone cases are minimalist with a hint of fun.  I wish they had every color in the catalog in case form, but alas, that is unrealistic.  My favorite case is Fiesta.

5. Ice Blue Case for all major phone models

blue society 6

Image via society6.com

Society6 has some of the most unique cases available.  This blue one is particularly eye catching. I could spend HOURS browsing all the cases they have; the selection is enormous! *Note: These are not practical cases if you need to carry around cards, as they don’t slip on and off very easily.

6. Glitter Waterfall Case for iPhones

iphone glitter case

Image via ebay.com

This case is SO COOL. It’s like a glittery snow globe attached to your phone.  So pretty!

7. Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 6

leather case iphone

Image via amazon.com

Last but not least, if you’re looking for that sleek, professional leather look, this is the case for you.  It’s similar to the Galaxy wallet case, but sturdier.


Back in middle school, I had an obsession with sweatshirts.  So much so that my dad eventually put a ban on buying sweatshirts- he made a point to count how many I owned and it turned out I had over 30!  Even I’ll admit that was a little excessive.

These days, you won’t catch me in the same drawstring hoodies and zip ups that I wore back then.  However, I do have a soft spot for funky printed sweatshirts (note to self: feature my food sweater and hex code sweater on here). Here are my top picks for printed sweatshirts:

1. No Connection Sweatshirt

no connection sweatshirt

Image via belovedshirts.com

Beloved Shirts makes some of the coolest sweatshirts out there! They are pricey, however, so I strongly suggest purchasing one during one of their sales. This one is really eye catching! I love the bold colors and this would look great with an all-black ensemble.

2. Iron Man Sweatshirt

iron man nroh

Image via forever21.com

Who doesn’t love Iron Man? The concept behind this sweatshirt is really cool; it’s a vintage comic book cover! Check out similar comic-themed sweatshirts here and here.

3. Arrow Sweatshirt

arrow sweatshirt nroh

Image via rad.co

Ever since I joined Pi Phi, I’ve been really into arrows.  I’m pretty sure after posting this, a number of my sisters will want to get their hands on this sweater. I’m a huge fan of metallics, specifically silver, and this sweater makes a statement without being as overbearing as most of the other sweatshirts in this post.

4. Roy Lichtenstein Sweatshirt

romwe roy sweatshirt

Image via romwe.com

I’m a HUGE fan of 20th century American art (MoMA is my favorite museum and my closet is FULL of Keith Haring stuff), so this Roy Lichtenstein sweater especially resonates with me. Art is cool, yo.

5. 90’s Swoosh Sweatshirt

swoosh sweatshirt nroh

Image via belovedshirts.com

Yet another sweatshirt from Beloved! This one is particularly kitschy and will surely bring smiles when people recognize the pattern (“I know I’ve seen that somewhere….OH WAIT I GET IT NOW!”).

6. Sailor Scouts Sweatshirt

sailor scouts nroh

Image via amazon.com

Although you might not necessarily be fighting evil by daylight or moonlight, this sweatshirt is awesome because it features all of the scouts instead of just Usagi. A must-have for Sailor Moon fans, in my opinion.

Why throw on that plain gray or navy sweater when you can wear ones with pizzazz! For more out-there sweaters, be sure to follow my Threads board on Pinterest.  Comments on this post are welcome and encouraged, as always!