Hey, everyone! I had an amazing time at Fashion Week this season and today I’m recapping my experience.  I saw some incredible designs and met the most amazing people along the way. I’ve split up this post by day, so I’m starting with the first event I went to, going in chronological order.  I can’t believe it’s already over and I’m already looking forward to next year!

SATURDAY: WALK NYFW SHOW (independent designer showcase)

This show started off a little rough because its popularity was unanticipated and the building didn’t actually have enough space to accommodate everyone.  I was stuck outside in the rain along with Chloe and B. Eventually, I got into the show, but I think I missed a few of the designers (unclear).  Either way, I still saw a TON of looks from many, many designers! I loved the variety of this show; there were short models, tall models, male models, female models, child models, and even more importantly, models with physical disabilities. I just wish more fashion week shows had as much diversity as this one.

The designer that stood out the most to me in this show was Cupcake Mafia, but her designs were VERY SIMILAR to that of Moschino (but hey, Jeremy Scott himself has been sued for copying other artists MORE THAN ONCE, so it’s not exactly unheard of).


Dress: Sisrow Clothing

Jacket: O-Mighty

Tights: Uniqlo

Shoes: American Apparel (similar here)


MONDAY: Essie Launch Party at Seventeen Magazine’s HQ and Rakuten Marketing Party

I was invited to stop by Seventeen’s offices to celebrate the Fall 2015 Essie collection.  The collection has six shades, which are all inspired by 1970s rock and roll.  At the event, I met Carly of The College Prepster, Marta Topran, the Deputy Beauty Editor of Seventeen, as well as two amazing new friends Carolyn and Alexis who are just two of those people that you meet and you feel like you’ve known them forever, like we just instantly clicked, you know? I got to take home 3/6 of the shades and I’m wearing frock ‘n roll right now! Super cool.


RIGHT after this event, I headed downtown to the Rakuten Marketing Party.  The party took place in this gorgeous penthouse right along the river, with a direct view of both New Jersey and my high school (guilty of Snapchatting pics of my high school to all of my HS friends). It was at this party that I met blogger Amanda Politte and Brazilian fashion blogger and illustrator Mairanny, who is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met!  I also met Anjelika, who is the CEO and founder of a new website called Brick and Portal, which she described to me as being a “shoppable tumblr.”  I’m actually meeting her this Friday to test her website! As a [former] computer scientist, I know that giving feedback to startups is incredibly important. I chatted with reps from True Facet, Kohls, and New York and Co, which means you guys might see collabs with those companies right here on NRoH!  There was also a raffle, and I WON (I never win raffles?!?!) a free Birchbox. I was also given a huuuge bag of goodies containing soap, gift cards, and jewelry. FREE STUFF IS THE BEST!!!  This was a great event for networking and learning more about the business side of blogging.



Shirt: Motel Rocks

Overalls: Target

Shoes: American Apparel (similar here)

Makeup: Sephora Collection Eyeliner in Fancy blue


This show was STUNNING! I arrived at the venue only to find none other than Mairanny seated directly in front of me! What a coincidence! I also met Kathleen, who has been busy blogging and taking amazing photos for The Upcoming, which you can read here. She was also wearing a denim miniskirt (still currently on my wish list) and told me that she had kept it since middle school!  I guess I should have kept my 7 for all Mankind denim mini after all.

This show had gorgeous dresses in yellow, black, pink, and silver! The beading  and detail on the silver dresses was to die for! So elegant and well crafted.  I was basically the heart-eye emoji for this entire show.






My favorite look was the sparkly jumpsuit, visible in the video at 0:11.


Shirt: American Apparel

Pants: Forever 21 (similar here)

Shoes: American Apparel (similar here)


I learned so much from all of these events! You really never know who you’re going to meet or what you’re going to see, but in the end it’s all life changing.  I’m so excited for next September already! There’s so much in store for this blog, which is actually transforming (temporarily) into a travel diary for my travels in Europe starting next week! Stay tuned.


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