Adventures Abroad Part II

Hey, everyone! I’m here with the second installment of my study abroad series! Here’s what I did this week in photographs. Check back next week for my photos of Salzburg!    On Saturday morning, I had a lovely bowl of tomato soup and an amazing Schnitzel sandwich! The food here is so good!!

 Saturday evening was a “Night of the Museums Event” in Vienna. For 11 Euro, we got to visit the Liechtenstein Palace and ride an old fashioned street car! It was so much fun.
  The chariot inside the palace.

  The palace at a gorgeous library! This sculpture was inside the library, so I snapped a picture of it.

The artwork on the ceiling of the palace.

  Riding the streetcar!

  The streetcar was decorated with old-fashioned ads to get the full effect, which I appreciated.

  The past few days have been filled with church visits, since we’re studying the Middle Ages in class.

This was taken at a monastery we visited yesterday. The arches are such and interesting shape; I love the geometric elements.

This last shot was from today. It was taken in St. Rupert’s, the oldest church in Vienna.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more!


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