Hey, everyone! It’s been hard to get back into posting every week, but I finally had time to shoot this look. I’m obsessed with my new striped turtleneck from Zara. The patches are adorable (scroll down and check out the detail shot!).   I can’t wait to wear this turtleneck when it gets colder to experiment with layering (I really want to try wearing a dress over my turtleneck like this).

Turtleneck:  Zara

Jeans: Topshop

Shoes: Dr. Martens

Bag: Forever 21

IMG_5912 (1)

IMG_5905 (1)





5 thoughts on “Patchwork

  1. This would have been a perfect outfit had you tucked in the shirt and cuffed the pants instead of tucking them into your Docs. This way the proportions are off – the jeans look like a good fit (high waisted?) but your legs don’t look as long as they are bc they’re cut off on top (slightly long shirt) and bottom (boots).

    1. Hey, Karmela! I see what you mean about my legs- problem is, the jeans are ridiculously tight so there’s no way I could have tucked in the sweater! I definitely could have cuffed them though, I’ll try that next time I wear them! 🙂

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