Winter Formal

Hey, everyone! My post about my sorority’s spring formal is one of my successful posts to date, so I decided to feature my look for winter formal! Since Chicago winter is crazy cold, I specifically wanted a long-sleeved dress that was knee-length or longer.  Finding a dress with these specific requirements in mind was no easy task, but I finally landed on the perfect one from Forever 21.  It’s quite modest and the lace-up detailing in the back is perfectly on-trend.  This dress is supposed to hit near the knee for tall people, but on me it fits like a maxi dress! Since it’s so long, I opted out of wearing tights. Since my dress and shoes are black, I chose colorful makeup to balance it out, along with a clear purse (shaped like a video tape).

Dress: Forever 21

Bag: Amazon

Shoes: Forever 21


Eyeshadow: Thrash, Freak, Urban, and Gonzo from the Electric Palette by Urban Decay

Eyeliner: L’OREAL Liner 690 in Carbon Black

Lip color: Blend of Violet Volt by Milani Cosmetics and Plum Orchid by Black Radiance



Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 2.31.21 PM




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