Small Accent, Big Payoff

Hey, everyone! “Sometimes, it’s the little things that count: is a mantra that applies to life as well as fashion and style.  Believe it or not, small, trivial accessories can make all of the difference when you style a look.  This is a list of six small and often overlooked accessories that can take an outfit to the next level.

1. The bandana

NROH bandana

Image via Refinery29

I read Refinery29 nearly everyday, and their editors are obsessed with the bandana.  You should be too, and here’s why: it’s a cheap yet fashion-forward way to add more pizazz to your everyday style.  Most ordinary bandanas don’t cost more than $3, and they come in endless patterns and colors.  While I wouldn’t go as far as using a bandana as a crop top, tying one around your neck, hair, or your bag is sure to add a touch of cool.

2. The scrunchie


Image from “Composition”

The scrunchie is to me as the bandana is to the R29 editors! I love how a scrunchie can combine both fashion and function.  Like bandanas, they come in so many colors and prints.  I treat my scrunchies as bracelets; but a bracelet can’t tie your hair up!

3.  Belts


Image via The Fifth

Belts are BACK! As part of a larger 90s/dad/normcore style movement, belts are once again coming back as a way to jazz up a dress, a skirt, or a pair of old jeans.  A statement belt can make an otherwise simple look into one that looks more effortful; but really all you did was throw on a belt!

4. Pins and patches


My backpack

Pins and patches are everywhere right now, and they’re adorable.  Customize your jean jacket, your backpack, or anything else you can think of with these guys.  Patches and pins can tell a story about who you are more so than a plain item.  Use this trend to your advantage and decorate!

5. Shoe laces


My ribbon-laced boot from the high school days

I feel like everyone forgets that plain shoelaces can be swapped for not-so-plain ones.  I had a shining moment of sartorial creativity in high school when I swapped the laces on my Doc Martens for ribbons (that’s right, I took a roll of hot pink ribbon and measured and cut my own laces). I loved them, and my moment of validation came when a random lady on the subway said that she was going to tell her daughter to do the same thing (trendsetter alert!).  Even if ribbon is not your thing, swapping out your black or white laces for a bright colored ones like neon green or turquoise can make your look more fun (and possibly garner the attention of random subway ladies).

6. The bobby pin

bobby pin NROH

Image via Allure

I’m still quite the bobby pin n00b, but I’ve watched Youtube tutorials and seen Pinterest articles that demonstrate the artful placement of bobby pins within one’s hair.  This is also a super inexpensive way to take your hair game and your overall look to the next level.  Arranging bobby pins in a cool way in your hair can make for a totally Instaworthy detail.

That’s about it for small accents! Like what you see? Have any other inventive small details you’d like to share? Leave your thoughts below in the comment thread.


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