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Hey, everyone! You may or may not have read my post on phone cases last year, but I’m here today to talk about a case that was [regrettably] not on that list, the jimmyCASE. My wonderful holographic wallet that I scored at a ridiculous sale at Urban for $2 a few years ago is starting to show signs of wear and tear, and my current phone case is great but only holds two cards, so I still need to bring my phone and wallet with me wherever I go.  Well, my friends, not anymore.

The folks over at jimmyCASE were kind enough to send me a case to test out and review for you all! I’ll be breaking down this review into several components and then I’ll give the case a final overall rating at the end. I’m also hoping to do more review posts structured like this (both sponsored and unsponsored) so look out for those in the near future!

My jimmyCASE is made from mahogany wood with a black card holder and black bumper, which I realize is kind of basic (I’m usually not a basic person!!??!), but there are plenty of other options on the jimmyCASE website.  The default wood is mahogany, but you can get a case with basswood if you select “Custom Wallet Case” from the Wallet Cases dropdown menu on the jimmyCASE website.




Although the packaging is not the actual product itself, it is something that definitely should be paid attention to.  The jimmyCASE came sealed in this clear plastic pouch, which was unexpected, but I appreciated the fact that this extra step was taken.  They could have just sent me the phone case with no protection in a yellow envelope.  Note the “Hecho en Los Angeles” sticker on the back – also a cute touch.




Does the jimmyCASE actually hold 6 cards and cash like it promises to?  I tested this, and lo and behold, here is a picture of all six cards plus cash!  I was a little scared that the case would break after shoving so much stuff in it, but that’s just me being paranoid, the elastic card holder expands to fit all of the cards and then contracts once you take them out.  The cards are also very easy to remove from the case, which I appreciated. The wood is also real wood™ (not actually trademarked, I’m just trademarking for dramatic effect) which makes it feel rustic and authentic (it even has that real wood™ smell). Each jimmyCASE is handmade with care in Los Angeles, which is definitely reassuring.  I know that someone out there actually took time and effort to make my jimmyCASE the best it can be, instead of some mindless machine.




Will this case fall apart anytime soon?  Only time will tell, but this case appears to be very well made.  I don’t plan on removing my phone from the case any time soon, but my previous case showed clear signs of wear and tear just because I’m always carrying my phone.  Based on the structure of the bumper alone, this case should be able to withstand my day-to-day use. The wood on the other hand, seems to be more fragile, but that’s true of any wood product.




Do I feel like my phone is safe in the jimmyCASE?  As someone who has cracked their iPhone screen multiple times, the single biggest factor I usually consider when buying a case is not style, but protectiveness. Breaking away from my highly protective two layer case was definitely scary, but the good thing about the jimmyCASE is that it has textured grips on both sides, making your phone less likely to slip out of your hands and onto the ground.

OVERALL:Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 9.13.43 PM4.5/5 stars




 Although the rustic aesthetic of this case is not something I would have normally considered and brought into my life, this is overall a good phone case and I’m really happy with it! It delivers its main promise, and eliminates the need to carry a wallet without adding too much bulkiness to your phone.  The elastic is well made and will not fall off of the case (unlike those stick-on card holders, which may fall off or show clear signs of wear and tear for an unsightly look).  If you’re looking to support USA/handmade businesses at a reasonable price point, this is definitely a case to consider (there’s free shipping too, y’all).  The case shown in this post is the iPhone 6/6S Wallet Case, but cases for the iPhone 5, 5C, 6 plus are also available.  I hope you all enjoyed this in depth close look at the jimmyCASE! I’m looking forward to doing more product reviews like this one to tell you all how it is when it comes to both tech and beauty products!


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