New Americana

Hey, everyone! HAPPY FOURTH! Oddly enough, I’m celebrating the Fourth across the pond in London this year, so I won’t be getting my share of fireworks or BBQ food :(.   That didn’t stop me from putting together a Fourth of July look for you guys, however! I made sure to shoot this look a few days in advance. I paired a deep red crop top with a white button-front skirt.  For shoes, I wore blue and white striped heels to complete the color scheme! I also threw on silver bangles for added pizzazz. Dressing for the Fourth is easy- if you don’t have white or red bottoms, start with navy (dark denim) shorts and go from there.  Then, you can wear a white or red tee and you’ve already got 2/3 colors going for you!

Shirt: Urban Outfitters, similar at Forever 21

Skirt: Forever 21

Shoes: J Crew; similar at Asos

  fourth 4 nroh fourth 5 nroh   fourth 1 nroh

fourth 2 nroh


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