7 Travel Essentials for Your Next Trip

travel essentials

Hey, everyone! I do my fair share of traveling (and I’ve traveled more in this past year than I have in my whole life) so I decided to round up a list of the 7 most important things you should take with you on your next trip! This list is the result of trial and error (“Oh, I wish I had brought ___”).  Whether your trip is short or long, if you pack each of these things, you’ll have a better experience.

  1. Headphones

headphones nroh

Headphones are crucial! Make sure you don’t forget a pair of headphones; otherwise, you won’t be able to listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, or watch movies which is A LOT of entertainment you’ll be missing.  Or, you’ll be stuck buying low-quality airline headphones instead, and do you really need those when you have a better pair at home?  I’ve forgotten my headphones a few times when traveling and those were sad times.  This is must-have.

2. Power bank

power bank nroh

If you don’t have a power bank or a charging case,  I strongly suggest investing in one.  Battery can be eaten up quickly when traveling (mostly due to picture-taking and using Google Maps) and you don’t want to be in an unfamiliar place with a dead phone.  Get a power bank and bring it with you so you won’t have to worry about your phone when you travel.

3. A good book (or audiobook!)

book nroh

If you tragically forget your headphones (see item 1), it’s especially important to make sure you’ve packed a book or some magazines for your trip.  If you get carsick while reading, try an audiobook! I took an 8-hour bus ride once and downloaded a 6-hour audiobook which was perfect! I recommend stocking up on reading material for longer trips.

4.  Travel shampoo/conditioner

travel shampoo nroh

Hotel shampoos and conditioners are usually volumizing or have some sort of 2-in-1 thing going on, which is disastrous if you have thick hair. I’ve learned to bring my own travel sized shampoo and conditioner so that my hair doesn’t become twice its size when I’m enjoying a new place. It’s not a big deal to add these two extra things to my bag when I travel and it’s made a huge difference (no one wants a bad hair day thanks to 2-in-1 hotel shampoo conditioner!).

5. Travel sized medication

advil nroh

Unfortunately, travel often brings disease/sickness. Whether you get carsick in transit or are susceptible to feeling sick in a new place (I know I am), it’s definitely a good idea to bring along travel sized Advil or Tylenol for pain and Pepto Bismol for nausea.  Allergy medication is also good to bring if you’re not sure how your body will react to the local flora and fauna.  I always bring basic over-the-counter medicine like these with me on trips and it’s come in handy both for me and the people I’ve traveled with (they were grateful that I was basically a traveling pharmacy!).

6. A cardigan

black cardigan nroh

This one is so important! Temperatures can be totally whack inside of buses, planes, and trains so it’s always good to bring a cardigan (or pullover sweater) so that you can stay comfortable during travel. A cardigan will allow you to stay warm if it’s too cold, and if it’s warm you can just take it off! So easy!

7. A neck pillow

neck pillow nroh

Sometimes it’s hard to feel comfortable in transit. For those who have trouble falling asleep upright, a neck pillow is what you need!  Invest in a plush one that’s easy to carry and you’ll be able to catch zzzz’s and not feel tired when you arrive at your destination.

That’s all for now! I hope you find these tips useful 🙂 and if you have any other tips, feel free to leave them in the comments.  Safe travels!

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