Flower Letter DIY

Hey, everyone! I know I missed about a week’s worth of posts, but only because I spent a life-changing 11 days in Israel and had very little Internet access (check out photos of my trip on my Twitter). It’s currently Fashion Week here in New York, so my schedule is a little hectic. I’ll be doing a recap of the shows I went to this Thursday, so be sure to check my blog then! Today’s post is a short and sweet DIY- a much easier one than my bath bomb post a while back. For this DIY, you will need:

-Glue gun


-Fake flowers of your choice (purchased at Michaels)

-Letter of your choice (make sure it can freely stand)

-Spray paint (optional)


Remove the stems from the flowers.  This may or may not require scissors.  Once the flowers are removed, you can spray paint them different colors (I spray painted some white flowers pink), or leave them as is.
Using the glue gun, arrange the flowers on your letter as you would like and glue them down.  Wait for the glue to dry (should only be a few minutes).
Display your letter! I put mine on my shelf, but this can be displayed just about anywhere!
Voilà! That’s all there is to it! This DIY is so fun and simple and the result is gorgeous! Tried this DIY? Let me know how it turned out in the comments- I’d love to see everyone’s different combinations of flowers!

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