Best of Beauty 2016

Hey, everyone! I’m concluding 2016 with a list of my most beloved beauty products! I did a similar beauty essentials post a while back, but this year I did experimented with so many different products that I decided a whole new list was necessary! I’m sooo excited to keep trying and discovering new things in the coming year- big things are in store! What were your most loved products of 2016? Let me know in the comments and have a happy 2017!

  1. Wet n Wild Eyeliner


After L’Oreal changed the formula of my beloved eyeliner from my Beauty Essentials post, I set out to find another drugstore liner that would do the trick. Wet n Wild’s eyeliners are fantastic and dirt cheap! I use the proline felt tip to line my lids and the megaliner to do the flick of my cat eye.

2. Colourpop eyeshadows


Anyone who’s been following my blog this year knows that I fell head over heels for Colourpop’s eyeshadows. They are so affordable and the pigments are so gorgeous. They last a long time, too. Basically, they’re perfect.

3. Missoni perfume


I considered Daisy my signature scent since the 7th grade, but as of late, I’ve really taken to Missoni’s Eau De Parfum. With traces of rosewater, berries, and peonies, this scent is heavenly.

4. Nars lip pencil duo


These are incredible. The pink and the red are SUCH flattering hues. Application is buttery smooth and the pigment is straight fire. I love wearing these when I go out and on special occasions!

5. Benefit highlighter


Ok, so I still haven’t done my post on highlighters (oops), but spoiler alert, this is my fave one that I’ve tried so far. It’s long lasting and really packs a punch in the right light.

6. Bee by G beauty lip balm


I’m a huge fan of homemade products, and these lip balms are made from bees kept by G’s family, so I get the satisfaction of knowing exactly where these balms come from! G works incredibly hard to make her balms as best as they can be and she succeeds because they are divine! Both the vanilla and peppermint do an amazing job of healing my lips. Forget Chapstick, these are where it’s at for this winter.

7. Clinique moisturizer


How did I go so long without using moisturizer, I will never know. This moisturizer is an instant pick-me-up.  Whenever I feel my groggiest (which, let’s be honest, is every morning), I slab some moisturizer on my cheeks and forehead and I feel more energized and awake. It’s totally a crutch of mine these days- I can’t live without it!

8. Make Up Forever lipstick


After years of resisting, I have slowly jumped on the nude/natural-look makeup train.  N9 is my favorite barely-there color- for when I want to feel fancy without looking too extra.

That’s a wrap! I’ll be back soon with more posts in the beauty category (including a sponsored post about a new hair curler and that dang highlighter post finally). Get excited and stay beautiful <3



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  1. January 8, 2017 / 9:57 am

    Love this! Obsessed with ColourPop! <3

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