Moving Out Tips

moving out tips

Hey, everyone! With graduation comes moving out- so I’m here today to provide some super clutch tips to make your move faster, easier, and less expensive. I’m gearing up to move back to NYC to start a new job and here are my tips for packing and for downsizing (note: I’m moving 800 miles by flying rather than driving, but some of these tips are applicable to any type of move!). Not moving right now? Pin this to Pinterest to save these tips for later!


This is easier said than done, but just packing/cleaning small sections for a little bit of time each day will make a huge difference when move-out day actually comes. Don’t make yourself stressed by leaving all the packing till the last minute!

2. Getting rid of books?

I have a ton of old coursebooks that I’ll probably never use again. Instead of throwing them out, I’m donating some of them and selling the rest using Book Scouter. I’ve made about $35 selling my old books so far, which is far more than I would have made if I had just thrown them away.

3. Getting rid of clothes?

Host a clothing swap or a tag sale! My roommate and I invited a bunch of friends over to swap clothes. Other people I know have hosted tag sales and sold tons of their stuff that way. The rest of my clothes I’ve either donated or sold on sites like Poshmark and Vinted.

4. Not sure how much stuff you actually have?

Invest in a luggage scale! By weighing it, you’ll be able to properly assess your shipping and luggage costs so there won’t be any surprises at the airport or at your local UPS ship station!

5. Have family/friends bring empty luggage.

If you have friends or family flying into town to help you move, tell them to bring empty luggage so you can fill it!

6. More ways to save money on packing/luggage:

-Put all your heavier items in your carry on luggage. This way, you can put more stuff in checked bags and lighter stuff in shipped boxes.

-Before you buy boxes, try scouting your local recycling bins for perfectly usable ones that have been tossed. Supermarkets/any store that gets frequent shipments would be a good bet!

Got any other great moving/packing tips! Feel free to share them below in the comments! Best of luck with your big move 🙂

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