5 Easy Ways to be Charitable

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Hey, everyone! Sure, everyone loves charity, but with a busy life at work or at school, it can be hard to find the time to volunteer. Those of us in our early twenties may be hard on cash to donate as well. Good news is, there are several very easy ways to be charitable! Most of them involve so little effort that you don’t even have to leave your home or spend any additional money! I’ve used all of these services to donate to charity myself, so they’re tried and true. Using these five sites and apps, we can all make a difference in the world.

1. Amazon Smile

If you’re a low-key Amazon addict like I am, you should definitely switch over to Amazon Smile! All you have to do is train your web browser to go to smile.amazon.com instead of amazon.com. Shop on Amazon like you normally would, but now part of the money from your purchases will benefit the charity of your choice (I shop for the ASPCA!).

2. Free Rice

I used Free Rice back when I was doing SHSAT/SAT prep. If you have spare time and feel like brushing up on your vocabulary, this is the perfect way to keep your brain sharp and to donate free rice to those in need.

3. Charity Miles

Active people, this one’s for you. Charity Miles is a mobile app that you can download right this second. Charity Miles has partnered with corporate sponsors and several different charities. When you leave your house to go for a walk or a run, simply open the app. The app will then convert the distance you traveled into a monetary value, which you then donate to charity. Seriously, all you have to do is go somewhere and open this app on your phone. Easy peasy.

4. Sharebite

Ok, ok, you caught me, I’m interning for Sharebite this summer so this is a shameless plug. Sharebite is a food ordering platform (think Seamless, Grubhub, Eat 24…) and when you order your food, part of the money goes to either the charity of your choice (I chose the American Cancer Society), or our default charity which is City Harvest. This one’s for NYC residents only, but don’t worry, I’ll be the first to let you know if Sharebite comes to your city.

5. Good Search

Have burning questions that need answers? Instead of typing them into Google, try typing them into Good Search. You’ll be helping charities earn $ with your curiosity alone.

Have any other easy ways to donate to charity? Add them to this post by leaving a comment; I’d love to hear if you guys use any other services like these ones.

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