8 Chrome Extensions That Will Immensely Improve Your Life

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Hey, everyone! Chrome extensions are totally underpublicized, IMO. Chrome is an ultra powerful browser; it’s speedy, it connects to your Gmail, but perhaps best of all, its add-ons make it even more god-tier. I’ve rounded up a list of eight life-changing Chrome extensions, so you’re gonna want to download these, stat.

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1. Ad Block

NRoH AdBlock chrome extensions

If you don’t have Ad Block by now, idk what you’re doing with your life. Ad Block gets rid of all those annoying ads before YouTube videos, so if you’re an avid watcher of YouTube this is definitely essential. It will also block sketchy pop-ups and get rid of banner ads on most websites.

2. Honey

Honey is another super popular extension- it calculates and compiles discount codes for your online purchases. However, my favorite part of Honey is the “best deal” function. If you’re an Amazon addict like I am, the Honey Chrome extension will tell you if what you’re buying on Amazon is the “best deal” like so:

NRoH honey

3. Hunter.io

NRoH Hunter chrome extensions

I wrote about this extension in my job search post which you guys LOVED! Hunter.io will give you the company format of emails at the touch of a button so you can network your heart out.

4. Grammarly

NRoH Grammarly chrome extensions

I actually downloaded Grammarly fairly recently. It tracks grammar and spelling mistakes in your online writing, and, if you’re constantly writing like I am, that’s a huge help. At the end of each week, Grammarly will send you an email updating you on your progress and tracks the most common mistakes you tend to make so you can work on improving. You’ll never send an email with a grammar mistake ever again.

5. Pinterest

NRoH Pinterest chrome extensions

Pinterest users, this one’s a must. Not every page that you want to pin will have a “Pin it!” button. Tragic, I know. With the Pinterest Chrome extension, you can pin anything, anytime, anywhere.

6. HTTPS Everywhere

If you’re as paranoid as I am, this one’s for you. HTTPS Everywhere will transform your browsing experience from HTTP to HTTPS (the ‘S’ stands for Secure). This encrypts your browsing history and makes you less susceptible to surveillance and hacking.

7. Cite This For Me

NRoH Cite this for me chrome extensions

In high school and college, I turned to sites like EasyBib and BibMe, but there’s actually a Chrome extension that will do the same thing. Cite in Chicago, APA, Harvard, or MLA style with the click of a button!

8. WhatFont?

NRoH chrome extensions what font

Ever see a beautiful font and wanted to know what it was? There’s an extension for that. With WhatFont?, simply hover over the words with the font you want to detect with your cursor, and it will display the name of the font! Apparently, Urban Outfitters is using Helvetica. Magic.

 To download these extensions and any others, simply visit the Chrome Web Store (these extensions are all free!). Have any other Chrome extensions you know and love? Feel free to leave them in the comments down below! See you all next week 🙂

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