Friday Favorites – October 6

friday favorites

Hey, everyone! Welcome to my first ever FRIDAY FAVORITES post! I’m so excited for this new weekly series! These posts are gonna be short and sweet. I used to do listicles back in the day, but somewhere in time, they fell out of my posting routine. This is my answer to bringing them back but in a more casual, general, contemporaneous way. All of my Friday Favorites posts will contain affiliate links, just FYI, meaning I will earn commission from clicks/purchases. As you guys may or may not know, I currently do not have a job, so any clicks or eventual purchases from my links would be super appreciated as ya girl’s tryna make a lil side cash here and there. That said, if you like my style, if you’re a fan of my advice and my tastes, then get your virtual shopping carts READY.

Each post will contain five items (my weekly newsletter already contains two items, so I thought that adding five here for a total of seven would make sense). The items listed each week will be an assortment of clothing, beauty products, home decor, and whatever else I’m digging at the moment.

  1. Extreme Bell Sleeve Sweater

Image via

Y’all already know how much I stan the color olive, so I was definitely drawn to this sweater for that reason. I just love this because, yes, it’s a plain sweater, but the tie sleeve detail is so standout and interesting. It adds such a fashionable and soft, feminine touch to any look *adds to cart.*

2. Champion Satin Baseball Jacket

Image via

Y’all, I am absolutely OBSESSED with Champion. I don’t even know why, I just am. Anyway, this jacket is BEAUTIFUL. ‘Tis the season for light jackets, and this one adds such a sporty edge to any look. I’d love to layer this over a more frilly dress for a striking aesthetic contrast. It’s also so classic; like, yes, $85.00 is expensive, but this sort of look never goes out of style.

3. I Want It All Wall Decor

Image via

Did you guys know that Forever 21 sold home decor? Because I did not until now. This wall decor is super cute and would look great hung up or propped up like in the photo shown. I also love how it already comes in a frame. In college, none of my wall art was framed, so stuff would get easily ripped or ruined when I had to move rooms for the first three years. This piece would definitely last so much longer!

4. Essie Gel Couture in Hang Up The Heels

Image via

Those who have been reading and following me on social know that I’ve been having a thing for green lately. My latest nail color of choice is this super deep green from Essie– and it’s part of the Gel Couture line, so it lasts for much longer than your typical nail polish. Deep hues are also a must for fall!

5. H&M Shopper Tote

Image via

Anyone else getting flashbacks to their middle school LeSportsac bags while seeing this tote? I’m a big fan of camo print (not like hunting camo, I’m talking about fashion camo) and this soft tote is such a good size for travel, everyday errands, and sleepovers.

Did you love this roundup? What are you loving right now? Think I should include more items or fewer items? This is a brand new series so feedback would be stellar. Thank you so much for reading and come back next Friday for more picks!

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