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Hey, everyone! I finally got into podcasts, yay!!! A month ago, it occurred to me that I wanted to listen to podcasts specifically about fashion and beauty. A quick search on iTunes yielded quite a few titles, but many of the shows listed were no longer active. I sought to find the most entertaining and most informative podcasts on fashion, beauty, and blogging that I possibly could. After a month or so of listening to various shows, I’ve come up with a list that I wish I had had the day I looked on iTunes! I hope you enjoy these as much as I have. Pop in some earbuds and get listening to these influencer podcasts!

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1. The Influencer Podcast by Julie Solomon

no repeats or hesitations best fashion beauty podcasts

As an influencer, this podcast is absolutely incredible. Julie Solomon is a PR star who is now a consultant for influencers across the globe. On her podcasts, she features guests who are also killin’ it on social media, and together, they have conversations that churn out a ton of amazing info. This podcast is what gave me my strategy for Instagram Stories and listening to the episodes about video content is prepping me for my YouTube channel launch in 2018. If you’re looking for FREE strategies from people who really know their stuff, this is the place.

2. Office Hours with College Fashionista

best fashion beauty podcast no repeats or hesitations 3

Calling all career-oriented power ladies! If you’re dreaming of a career in fashion/media, this is the podcast for you. Amy Levin of College Fashionista interviews editors of Cosmo, Bustle, Glamour and more about how they got to where they are today.  A great tip for those seeking employment from famous publications: listen to this podcast and mention it in a cold email or an interview!

3. Breaking Beauty

no repeats or hesitations best fashion beauty podcast

This is the most entertaining podcast on this list, and probably my favorite for that reason. I freakin’ love all things makeup and skincare. On Breaking Beauty, Toronto-based hosts Carlene Higgins and Jill Dunn interview the founders of big-name beauty brands to tell the stories of how their products came to be. My favorite episodes include Episode 9 with the founders of Nudestix, Taylor and Ally Frankel, Episode 11 with Glossier founder, Emily Weiss, and Episode 13 with the founder of Drunk Elephant, Tiffany Masterson.

4. Mirror Mirror

best fashion beauty podcast no repeats or hesitations

Mirror Mirror is a fascinating concept: gather women from all different backgrounds, careers, etc and ask them about their beauty routines! I love how this podcast celebrates all women. It takes interest in sharing and highlighting stories of those you may not have heard of otherwise. You’ll learn more than you think- I just wish this podcast was weekly rather than biweekly!

5. Market Beautifully

no repeats or hesitations best fashion beauty podcasts

This podcast is aimed at those who are starting an online business. As you probably know, for many influencers, their online presence IS their business! Cheerful host Haley Burkhead offers advice on SEO, Pinterest marketing, Instagram Stories- all of which is extremely valuable. Best episodes to listen to are Episodes 44, 45, and 47!

6. The Business of Fashion

fashion beauty podcasts no repeats or hesitations 1

Similar to Breaking Beauty, the BoF podcast isn’t focused on influencer tips and tricks, but the fashion industry itself. Imran Amed asks critical questions about the ever-changing world of fashion. He holds fascinating discussions about race, technology, and philosophy with celebrities, designers, and editors. Notable episodes include Episode 10, where Tommy Hilfiger himself explains how he built his brand, and Episode 16, where gives hilarious and insightful thoughts regarding the intersection between technology and fashion.

Do you currently listen to these podcasts? Do you listen to other great podcasts on these topics? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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