A Fashion Blogger’s Review of the Amazon Echo Look

fashion blogger echo look review no repeats or hesitations

Hey, everyone! Amazon has been taking over the world AND my blog lately, it seems. Recently, Amazon has been heavily advertising the Echo Look, a version of the Echo that’s designed for those with a passion for fashion.

amazon echo look review no repeats or hesitationsThe Amazon Echo Look is currently available to purchase by invitation only. You can enter your email to request an invite, but keep in mind that it may take a while. By the time I had received my invitation, I had completely forgotten that I had even requested one!

If you Google reviews of the Amazon Echo Look, you’ll find posts talking about how it’s a cool gadget, but it’s not very practical for those who are looking for a regular Echo. The reviews I read online seemed to miss the point of this Echo entirely. When I was considering purchasing the Echo Look a few months ago, I couldn’t find any reviews from fashion bloggers themselves, so I knew I had to write one. Thus, here is my Echo Look review!

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To have a photoshoot with yourself, position your Echo accordingly, get into a pose, and say loudly: “Alexa, take a picture!” This Echo is a little bit hard of hearing due to the fact that the speaker is on the opposite side of the camera. Your Echo will light up and flash to capture your look. Users can then view, save, and/or delete the picture in the Echo Look app. I loved how handsfree and simple this was. Plus, with self-photoshoots, there’s a lot less pressure and stress. You can take all the time in the world to get the perfect shots.

amazon echo look review no repeats or hesitations

amazon echo look review no repeats or hesitations

amazon echo look review no repeats or hesitations

You’ll notice that these photos all have the signature “Pop” edit feature. The app will automatically edit each photo by blurring the edges and background, but you can revert the image back to normal very easily in the app. Here is the same photo with Pop and without:

amazon echo look review no repeats or hesitations

To shoot video, just tell Alexa to take a video. Alexa will film a 6-second video of you which you can utilize to show a 360-degree view of your look. I’ll admit it took me a few tries to master the 6-second timing, but once I got into the rhythm of it, I managed to capture some p cute video footage:


Your Echo Look is also equipped with Style Check! You can compare two different outfits side-by-side in the Echo Look app, and, using a series of algorithms, the app will determine which look is more favorable. To test this out, I wore two similar outfits (two different t-shirts with the same jeans) and compared them. I also compared one of the t-shirt looks to my jumpsuit outfit, to see how it compares dissimilar styles. Here are the results:

amazon echo look review no repeats or hesitations

The t-shirt looks were VERY close! The app selected my Stranger Things tee over my Keith Haring one by only 2 percentage points. The app cited “fit, color, styling, and current trends” as the reason. Perhaps it’s because Stranger Things is all the rage right now?

amazon echo look review no repeats or hesitations

For the t-shirt and jumpsuit comparison, it was no contest. The app selected the jumpsuit because “patterns look better.” The algorithm may be biased towards patterns- I’ll have to play around with it more by comparing patterns and solids.


Overall, I think the Amazon Echo Look is really fun to play around with. I definitely want to continue having photoshoots the way I normally do, but this is a great way to have photoshoots without a photographer. The corresponding Echo Look app is fairly straightforward. The Style Check feature is also a must for those who don’t have roommates to do outfit check-ins with. If you’re fashion-obsessed and are looking to buy an Echo anyway, I’d definitely consider the Echo Look.

Did you enjoy this Echo Look review? What are your thoughts on this gadget? As a blogger, is this something you would consider using? Yay or nay? Share your thoughts with me in the comments! If you have any questions/concerns about the Echo Look, ask away and I’d be happy to answer.

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