Top 5 Purchases I Made in January

no repeats or hesitations january top purchases

Hey, everyone! By popular vote, the Friday Favorites series is now a MONTHLY favorites series! It’s also slightly different- I’m not talking about things I wish I had, I’m talking about things I actually purchased and tried for myself. These are the top 5 purchases I made in January:

1. Black Puff Ball Hat

top purchases january no repeats or hesitations

I had been seeing everyone on the streets of New York rocking variations of this hat, so of course, I had to get one for myself! I was able to find a black-on-black version on Amazon Prime, so I only had to wait 2 days to get the perfect winter hat. This hat goes with every and any winter ensemble and it’s #thicc so it’ll keep you warm in freezing temps!

2. Cosrx Pimple Patches

no repeats or hesitations january favorites

no repeats or hesitations january favorites

Raise your hand if a) you’ve ever had a pimple and b) you’ve popped said pimple 🙋🏻 (anyone who doesn’t raise their hand is lying). Whether you struggle with acne or get the occasional bright red pimple before an important event (#relatable), these Cosrx patches can help you out! They’re medicated to help reduce redness and draw out impurities. You can literally see the impurities the patches draw out upon removing them, kind of like a pore strip (fascinating, but gross, but fascinating!). This multipack, available on Amazon Prime, is a godsend.

3. Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Trio in Spoiled Brat

no repeats or hesitations january favorites

WOWOWOW guys. I am consistently impressed with Wet n Wild. My trusty black liner is from Wet n Wild, but for some unknown reason, I hadn’t ventured out into their other offerings till recently. Boy, am I glad I did so. I scored this eyeshadow trio for just $3 and I’m obsessed. I did a rockin’ NYE look with the silver and black shades. The pink shade, while not as pigmented as my Slave2Pink pigment from Colourpop, is blendable and great for a softer statement look.

4. Buckled Ankle Boots

no repeats or hesitations january top purchases

These booties are cute with an edge. As you may know, the vast majority of my shoes are black, so the color is no surprise. I was drawn to these because the hardware really spices them up. I’ve been wearing these quite a bit since I got them. I love contrasting these with a more feminine outfit, like a dress or skirt. These boots have definitely filled a void in my shoe closet.

5. Footless Polka Dot Tights

no repeats or hesitation jan favorites

Last but not least, I bought these footless polka dot tights! Footless tights are stupidly hard to come by, and I thought it would be a good idea to buy patterned ones. My style has changed a lot since I started this blog. I’m trying to build a wardrobe of solids, so to spice things up, I bought patterned tights. Also, I hear polka dots are super in right now, so that’s cool, too.


Did you love these favorites? What did you obsess over in January? Leave your thoughts below in the comments!

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