10 Things to Watch Before the Winter Olympics

what to watch winter olympics no repeats or hesitations

Now that both the holidays and January have passed, winter is, admittedly, starting to get a little stale (I’m getting sick of wearing sweaters, who’s with me?). Luckily, things are a bit more exciting this year thanks to the Winter Olympics! If you’re not quite feeling the Olympic spirit, here are 10 things to watch to get you ready for when the games start on February 9th.

1. Downhill Racer

no repeats or hesitations downhill racer things to watch winter olympics

No one likes to root for a jerk, but by some witchcraft, this film will have you rooting for the main character, a mean-spirited Olympic skier, to win the Olympic games. Full of great skiing action shots, you’ll want to hit the slopes even if you’ve never skied before in your life! This movie is the oldest film on this list and can be streamed right now on Hulu.

2. The Cutting Edge

no repeats or hesitations things to watch winter olympics

Feeling a rom-com? This fictional story follows an Olympic figure skater and hockey player who are matched up against the odds to complete in pair skating in the 1992 Winter Olympics. At first, they absolutely detest one another, but you can probably guess what eventually happens in the end. This movie is included free with your Amazon Prime membership, so you can fire it up on your computer or TV hassle-free.

3. I, Tonya

no repeats or hesitations things to watch winter olympics

My local movie theater is STILL playing this talked-about film, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you can still get your butt down to the theater! Although I wasn’t alive during Tonya’s time as a figure skater, I did hella #research to fully understand the story both before and after I saw this film. While Margot Robbie is super glam irl, she does a great job playing rough-around-the-edges Tonya. With super accurate costumes (the outfits in the movie match exactly what Tonya REALLY wore) and impeccable casting (the actors closely resemble the actual people they are depicting) and an unforgettable performance by Allison Janney (she plays Tonya’s mom), this is totally a must-see!

4. Blades of Glory

no repeats or hesitations blades of glory things to watch winter olympics

What happens when two dudes want to compete together in pair skating? Well, lots of things and it’s pretty hilarious. Two fun facts: 1) this movie used to be on my iPod Nano and I would watch it all the time on long car rides (yes, on that tiny, tiny screen) and 2) dialogue from this movie is also sampled on a famous Kanye song!

5. Cool Runnings

cool runnings no repeats or hesitations olympics what to watch winter

Loosely based on the story of how the Jamaican bobsled team came to be, this favorably-reviewed comedy will definitely get you fired up for the games. When a former competitive runner fails to qualify for the Summer Olympics, naturally, he tries to find another way into the games with the help of a disgraced former coach. The trials and tribulations the team endures are hilarious yet also uplifting. You can stream this movie on your Netflix account.

6. The Mighty Ducks

no repeats or hesitations winter olympics what to watch

Everyone loves a good underdog story, am I right?  Watch the kids on the Ducks go from zeroes to heroes in this heartwarming classic film. Perhaps there will be some comeback stories in this year’s Olympic games, who knows!?! There are also two Mighty Ducks sequels if you realllly feel like going all in.

7. Ice Princess

things to watch before the winter olympics no repeats or hesitations

Throwback anyone?!?! Relive your early 2000s childhood by watching Michelle Trachtenberg use her physics skills to rock the world of competitive figure skating. Watching the so-called Ice Princess rapidly rise through the ranks to become a champion is hella inspiring. I totally remember watching this on Disney Channel, does anyone else?

8. Lindsay Vonn: The Climb

no repeats or hesitations lindsey vonn winter olympics what to watch

Lindsey Vonn is back! She did not compete in the 2014 Sochi Olympics due to injuries but she’ll be participating in this year’s games! Vonn is one of the most decorated skiers of all time and this must-see documentary chronicles Lindsey’s comebacks after multiple injuries and setbacks. Go, Lindsey!!!

9. Yuri on Ice

yuri on ice no repeats or hesitations winter olympics 2018

I watched this anime series last winter and I am forever changed because of it. Even if anime isn’t your “thing,” I can guarantee that you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll be on the edge of your seat cheering Yuri on throughout his journey to become the top figure skater in the world. The animation is stunning, the theme song will pump you up, and the story arc is incredibly inspiring and touching. And with each episode coming in under 30 minutes, you can easily binge-watch the entire series on Crunchyroll right now.

10. The History of the Winter Olympics

winter olympics 2018 what to watch

We all know that the now-called Summer Olympics have been around since Ancient Grecian times, but how did the Winter Olympics come to be? For all of you history buffs out there, this YouTube video by the BBC can satisfy your curiosity. You can easily gain a deeper and richer understanding of this tradition before the games kick off!

Liked this list? Love these flicks? Have other suggestions as to what to watch? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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