A 3 Day Itinerary for Washington DC

Hey, everyone! I’m shifting away from my usual fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content to bring you a TRAVEL post! I spent Presidents Day weekend in DC (fitting, I know) and had a blast doing both touristy and local activities. This post contains my full 3-day itinerary for Washington DC plus a link to my travel vlog. If you’re considering visiting DC at any point and don’t want to do a ton of work planning your trip, you can pin this post to your travel Pinterest board for future reference 🙂

3 day itinerary washington dc


3 days in dc no repeats or hesitations

I was able to score an amazing deal on Airbnb for this trip since our host was running a Presidents Day promotion. We stayed in a fully-furnished, private basement in a townhouse that was close to local restaurants and tourist attractions. It was the best of both worlds and our host was very responsive to messages. This is the exact listing.


I booked two different bus companies for this trip because I wanted a bus that left from New York specifically at 6:30 PM rather than 6 or 7. The only company that I could find with a bus that left at 6:30 was BoltBus. We used BoltBus for NY -> DC and BestBus from DC -> NY. The BoltBus was half an hour late picking us up due to traffic. My boyfriend and I also agreed that the BestBus had comfier seats and was, therefore, a better experience. Upon arriving at Union Station, we had difficulty calling an Uber to our Airbnb- lots of drivers in DC cancel because they don’t want to wait in the taxi line outside the station! Apparently, this is “normal”- but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t infuriating.


Breakfast at Jimmy T’s Place

3 days in dc no repeats or hesitations

We kicked off our trip with a visit to Jimmy T’s place, a local, cash-only diner. This diner is very no-nonsense and no-frills. The quantity of food wasn’t the highest but then again, we paid just over $10 total each for our food and drinks. This is a very good place to stop at if you’re trying to stick to a budget on your trip.

The National Mall

No trip to DC is complete without visiting the National Mall! We enjoyed the (brief) sun and snapped some selfies with the Capitol in the background before continuing on.

National Gallery of Art

3 days in dc no repeats or hesitations

3 days in dc no repeats or hesitations

We visited both the modern and classical wings of the National Gallery of Art. While it’s no Met or Art Institute, there are some incredible works housed in each wing. We were in and out of both parts fairly quickly.

Natural History Museum 

3 days in DC no repeats or hesitations

Mark is very passionate about paleontology and dinosaurs, so we made sure to stop at the Natural History Museum. We loved the nature photography exhibit in particular! This museum and the National Gallery of Art are both free- no need to worry about forking up a ton of $$$.

Timgad Cafe

3 days in dc no repeats or hesitations

To rest and recharge, we visited the nearby Timgad Cafe. Mark got the clam chowder and I sipped on a latte while we relaxed and took shelter from the wintry mix that ensued outside.

Lincoln Memorial 

3 days in dc no repeats or hesitations

The Lincoln Memorial is covered, so we didn’t get snowed on while visiting. At this site, you can also stand exactly where MLK gave his famous “I have a dream speech.”

MLK Memorial

3 days in dc no repeats or hesitations

There is an incredible MLK memorial that’s a little off the main path near the Lincoln Memorial. This is a relatively new monument, and there was only one other group of people when we went due to the location and the terrible weather outside. I’m really glad we got to see it- Dr. King is positioned breaking off from two rocks and the area behind him is covered in quotes. Powerful stuff, y’all.

Dinner at Granville Moore’s

3 days in dc no repeats or hesitations

I was able to make a last-minute reservation at Granville Moore’s, which is located on the H Street corridor. Granville Moore’s serves traditional pub food and drinks and has a local feel. We ordered the gnocchi mac n cheese and I really enjoyed my veggie burger.


Brunch at Leopold Kafe in Georgetown

3 days in dc no repeats or hesitations

My bf and I actually met in Austria, so I picked an Austrian cafe for us to have brunch at in Georgetown. We did not have a reservation but we were able to get seats at the bar fairly immediately on a Sunday. This place was a bit on the pricier side and doesn’t offer any super amazing brunch deals, but I enjoyed everything I ordered.

Georgetown Cupcake vs. Baked and Wired

3 days in dc no repeats or hesitations

DC is famous for cupcakes! I had read blogs beforehand that unanimously declared Baked and Wired to be better than Georgetown Cupcake, but I thought it would be fun to try both and be the judge! The verdict? The Baked and Wired cupcakes are significantly larger and tastier than the Georgetown Cupcake ones.

Thrifting and Shopping

We walked up 14th Avenue and went thrifting at Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads. Mark and I love to visit local comic stores as well so we paid a visit to Big Planet Comics which was adorable! A few stores down from Big Planet Comics is an incredible record/thrift store called Joint Custody. I didn’t find anything there but they had some sick vintage tees and crewnecks for reasonable prices. We also made a quick trip to Kramerbooks, which is a combination bookstore, bar, restaurant, cafe- totally worth it!

Dinner at Taqueria Habanero/drinks at Red Derby

3 days in dc no repeats or hesitations

Taqueria Habanero is supposedly the best Mexican place in DC, so naturally, that piqued my interest. Mark ordered the tacos and he said they were the best tacos he ever had! I ordered chilaquiles, a Mexican breakfast dish (#breakfastfordinner), and the portion was ENORMOUS! I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for great food, big portions, and cheap prices. Taqueria is also next to a great dive bar called Red Derby, which we hung out at for a bit afterward before heading in for the night.


We had to check out of our Airbnb at 12 PM and our bus was at 6 PM. This left us with plenty of time for lunch and we were able to squeeze in another museum visit!

Lunch at Toki Underground

3 days in dc no repeats or hesitations

Located on the same street as Granville Moore’s is Toki Underground (which is a misnomer since it’s actually ABOVE ground!). The ramen broth I had was actually sweet and milky rather than hot and spicy, which was definitely interesting.

Air and Space Museum

3 days in dc no repeats or hesitations

We were able to squeeze in a visit to the Air and Space Museum before heading home. I’m so glad we had time- there is a TON to learn and we loved how this museum blends science, technology, and history together. The exhibits on aviation during the World Wars was one of my faves!


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washington dc 3 days no repeats or hesitations

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