VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask Review

Hey, everyone! You may already know this, but I’ll say it again for anyone who’s new here, I LOVE all things skincare! I have a morning and night routine that I follow very diligently. Although I’m serious about taking care of my body’s largest organ, I’ve been super self-conscious about my under-eye area. I get dark circles and I cover up my under-eye area with concealer pretty much every single day. I hadn’t expressed this insecurity to anyone, so when I was asked to write a VIIcode oxygen eye mask review, I seriously thought someone had sent spies to read my mind! That means that yes, folks, this is a sponsored post, but all ideas and opinions expressed are completely my own and not me spewing some B.S. (y’all know I keep it real, always).

Each box comes with SIX VIIcode oxygen eye masks.

Viicode oxygen eye mask review no repeats or hesitations

To use the VIIcode oxygen eye mask, peel off the protective plastic cover to reveal the gel. Stick the gel side to your skin beneath your eye. These masks are quite long and cover a lot of surface area- be sure to angle them to fit your particular eye shape!

VIIcode oxygen eye mask no repeats or hesitations

The mask is meant to be used overnight for eight hours, meaning it falls into a nightly routine rather than a morning one. After I washed my face with my normal nightly cleanser and moisturized my skin and forehead, I put these on and went to sleep.

VIIcode oxygen eye mask

These masks are powerful! Immediately after I put them on, I could feel them working their magic. I love skincare products where I can physically FEEL them at work; I know I’m getting my time and money’s worth :). They were tightening and tingling my skin for a brief period and eventually the feeling subsided, but I fell asleep anyway! In the morning, I peeled them off and felt very rejuvenated- I skipped my morning moisturizer because my skin already felt hydrated.


I definitely recommend this mask for those who are looking to be more protective of their under-eye area. The under-eye skin is very delicate and fragile- it’s important to pay special attention to it! I’m definitely going to use the rest of these masks and make this a biweekly part of my routine.

Have you tried an eye mask? Are you considering trying one after reading this review? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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