Top 5 Purchases I Made in February

Hey, everyone! We’re already well into March, but I’m still reveling in all the amazing finds I discovered in February! These are my top 5 picks for last month and I’ve been getting a TON of use out of all these items already.

1. Newsboy hat

top 5 purchases of february no repeats or hesitations

The newsboy trend has blown up, but like all trends, it will soon subside, likely next season. To get in on the fun, I bought this $8(!!) plain black newsboy cap. I think it’s cute and I don’t feel bad about spending a ton. This is also a piece I’ll keep for when the trend dies and comes back around years later, fashion is cyclical!

2. Black fuzzy sweater

top 5 purchases I made in february no repeats or hesitations

I took the train to cozy town and I am LIVING in this sweater, guys. It’s SO SOFT! It’s a little shorter than I would like, but that’s nothing that layering can’t fix (hello, spaghetti-strap tanks). Such a steal at $20, too (similar products are $40+).

3. Rimmel ScandalEyes eyeshadow stick

top 5 purchases I made in february no repeats or hesitations

If you saw my post on eyeshadow sticks, you know that Maybelline’s version of this stick was a dud. I had never bought anything from Rimmel, so I took a chance with this purchase and WOW it paid off! This stick was about $4 and doesn’t crease or budge at all, unlike some of my more high-end products, grr. This is such a good buy, I highly recommend!

4. Vlog tripod

top 5 purchases I made in february no repeats or hesitations

If you’re wondering how I filmed my vlogs, I did it with this trusty tripod. I can’t afford to drop $700 on a Canon G7X, so for now, I’m just using my iPhone and this $10 tripod. This is a great option for those who are on a budget. If you’re not a vlogger, you can definitely use this tripod to take shots of yourself for photoshoots.

5. Collagen powder

Taking collagen (in powder or pill form) is supposed to help your skin appear youthful as you continue to age. While I can’t say I feel or see a difference yet, given I’ve only been using this for a month, it can’t hurt! I like to add my collagen powder to tea or coffee (a cold smoothie is probably optimal). You can see a full demonstration of the powder in action in the video below.


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