Glossier Lidstar Test, Review, and Swatches

Hey, everyone! For those who subscribe to my YouTube channel, today’s post isn’t much of a surprise! I broke away from my usual video schedule to publish my Glossier lidstar review sooner rather than later. In case you missed the vid, I have it all written down for you in ~blog post form~ today (plus there’s a link to the video at the end if you wanna skip all this mumbo jumbo and just watch that).

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glossier lidstar review

I’m not a Glossier stan by any means, but my ears did perk up when I heard about their newest launch. Being fortunate enough to live in NYC, a.k.a. home of the Glossier showroom, I managed to get my hands on this product the very day it came out (which is cool, to say the least).

Glossier’s lidstar is a liquid eyeshadow. It currently comes in 6 different shades and is currently available to purchase only as singles. I opted for the pair deal (back when they offered that) and picked up the shades Fawn and Herb.


glossier lidstar review

The top color is Fawn, the bottom is Herb. The photo was taken with flash.

As you can see, Fawn is a purple color and Herb is olive green.

Glossier claimed that lidstar would last 12 hours. To test if that was true, I put primer on one eye and not on the other and applied the product to my lids.


glossier lidstar review no repeats or hesitations

While the applicator is a nice shape, this was time-consuming for me to apply. I had to go over my eyelids a bunch of times before I achieved the look I wanted. If you want a less pigmented look, however, this will be easier for you to apply.


The thing about this product is that it can be as light or as pigmented as you want it to be. I personally like my shadows to be suuuuper pigmented. While it’s more effort to achieve that result with this product, it is indeed possible.


glossier lidstar review no repeats or hesitations

This. Product. Did. Not. BUDGE! It looked identical after 12 hours to when it did right when I put it on, both with and without primer (so primer is totally not necessary!). I was definitely impressed by lidstar’s staying power.


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