How to Use Twitter as a Blogger

Hey, everyone! This post has been highly requested by my IG followers and I’m beyond excited to be sharing my tips on how to use Twitter as a blogger. A lot of my blogger friends have expressed both frustration and confusion when it comes to using Twitter. For me, Twitter was the first social media platform that I fell in love with as a blogger. I, too, didn’t know how to properly use it for a long time, but once I got the hang of it, it became a vital tool for connecting with and growing my audience.

how to use twitter as a blogger

1. Tweet consistently

The very first step to having a vivacious Twitter page is to tweet and tweet often. I’m not saying you need to live tweet your life every hour- but once or twice daily will definitely suffice. Having a Twitter profile that shows you’re tweeting on a consistent basis will attract more visitors and followers.

2. Engage with others

Once you’ve been tweeting consistently, you can dive right in and start connecting with other users. There is a very large and active presence of British bloggers who hang out on Twitter (I’m not sure why this is the case, but for some reason, Twitter is quite popular amongst bloggers from the U.K.). The best way to make connections is to reply directly to someone’s tweet and start a conversation with them. Twitter is raw and more organic than other social media platforms. You can really foster deep connections on the platform and in turn, gain a community of highly supportive and engaging followers.

3. Tag brands and retweet accounts

You probably tag brands on your Insta posts- but guess what?!? Fewer people are doing so on Twitter. You can tweet images with brand products or simply express how much you love a certain product/brand with no image. Tagging brands on Twitter will help get you noticed. Brands often engage with tweets they are tagged in!

To reach potential readers of your content, you can also tag retweet accounts in your tweets. These are accounts that will retweet your tweet to their followings. The more retweet accounts you tag, the wider the distribution of your content will be. This is especially helpful if you’re just starting out and don’t have a super big following yet!

Find a list of retweet accounts HERE!

4. Listen to your analytics

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Your Twitter analytics will tell you exactly which tweets performed the best. You’ll be able to see how each of your tweets performed in terms of impressions and engagements. You can use this data to pinpoint what “types” of tweets are performing the best on your page. Are certain topics you’re tweeting about gaining more traction than others?

Be sure to pay attention to the dates and times you’re tweeting. For instance, because most of my Twitter followers are in the U.K., tweeting late at night doesn’t work because most of my followers are asleep due to the time difference. Timing your tweets can make an enormous difference in your engagement rate and impressions!

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