How to Land Your Dream Job Using LinkedIn

how to land your dream job using linkedin

Hey, everyone! A bit of a life update here, in case you didn’t see on my ~new~ Instagram bio, I changed jobs! I bid a bittersweet farewell to my matchmaking job and I have started a new chapter of my life as the Creative Strategist for Rebecca Minkoff. I am now the voice behind Rebecca Minkoff’s Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to a global audience of over 2 million followers. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the whole thing, to be quite honest.

I had wanted a job in social media/marketing, and ONE DAY, I hoped to break into the fashion world. I never expected to happen so soon and in the way that it did.

So, just how exactly did I land such a coveted role? It’s a bit of being in the right place at the right time, and it would never have happened if it weren’t for LinkedIn, so I’m sharing my tips on how to land your dream job using LinkedIn.

how to land your dream job using linkedin

I’m sure someone has probably told you that “networking is key.” This is a true statement, but as a college student or young adult, where the heck are you supposed to find people to connect with?? The advice “use your connections” may seem like it only applies to people who somehow have really cool family friends that can magically hook them up with their dream job.

I was struggling with the same issues. I had no connections to the industries I wanted to break into (fashion, digital marketing). My university had no resources for me to tap into either, so I was completely on my own in terms of forging my career path.

I started to realize, however, that because I didn’t have magical family friends that would help me, I had to make my own network. Since career fairs and networking events at my school were also a total bust, I thought about where I could find exactly the people I wanted to talk to when a lightbulb went off. LinkedIn is precisely the place!


LinkedIn Etiquette 

Have you ever received a LinkedIn request from someone you don’t actually know? That’s actually quite common for the platform. To create your own network, you can request invitations from virtually anyone. You can use the search bar to search for job titles and companies that you’re aspiring to break into and find people to “network” with. Before sending out invitations, make sure your LinkedIn page has a nice photo of you and a bit about your work experience.

Of course, you cannot expect someone to accept your invitation. No one is obligated to accept. However, once someone has accepted your invitation, you can then use LinkedIn’s messaging feature. Some do’s and don’ts with this feature:


Harass people

Straight up ask someone to give you a job

Be rude/demanding


Ask career-related questions

Request an informational interview

Be polite and cordial

The Informational Interview

Once connected with someone, it’s a fantastic idea to request an informational interview! If you can schedule a meet up at a café, that’s ideal, but if they do not reside in your area, a 15-minute phone call can move mountains. Here is a sample informational interview pitch that you can send:

Hi insert name! Thank you so much for connecting with me on LinkedIn. I am a blank year student/blank year graduate of blank University with interest and experience in blank.  I would be very interested in learning more about your role at blank company and hearing any advice you may have for someone just starting their career. Would it be possible to schedule an informational interview over coffee/phone some point soon? Establishing a connection over LinkedIn is one thing; I believe it would be a meaningful and insightful experience to have a conversation in person/phone. I would love to talk all things blank with you. Please let me know what you think. Best, your name

Scheduling informational interviews will give you a huge advantage over the rest of your peers, and thanks to LinkedIn, you can do it all in your pajamas! After your interviews, be sure to thank your connection for taking the time to speak with you. This is excellent for establishing relationships. Who knows, they may be able to help you out down the line!

Connecting with Higher-Ups

Another crucial tip for building your LinkedIn network is connecting with higher-ups (VPs, CEOs) and HR representatives. I know what you’re thinking, “But Emily, why would a CEO/VP want to connect with me???” You’d be surprised! While you probably won’t be able to connect with the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, you can most likely connect with the higher-ups at a startup or smaller company. What’s key here is that higher-ups and HR professionals tend to post LinkedIn statuses directly calling for job applicants. This is precisely how I came across the opportunity at Rebecca Minkoff!

To finish my dream job story, I connected with people at Rebecca Minkoff through LinkedIn, and one of them posted a status saying RM was seeking a Creative Strategist. Immediately upon seeing that post, I messaged the person with my resume and a short blurb about myself (since we had never actually met irl) and in less than a week, I had an offer letter in my inbox.

I had NO prior connections to the company and NO fashion industry experience- and I was still able to land my dream job in fashion. If I can do it, then I believe you can, too!

YOU can create the network of your dreams right from your own bedroom. All it takes, like anything else, is time and dedication. Networking is easier than ever thanks to the Interwebs, and anyone who doesn’t take advantage of online tools to get ahead in their career is totally missing out! If you’re unhappy with your career situation, you have the power to change that right now. It all starts with some simple connections and messages!

So that’s it! That’s how to land your dream job using LinkedIn. I hope this post provided valuable insight, and if you have any career/LinkedIn related questions, feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram! I want to help you succeed- your dream career is out there somewhere.

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