How to Make GIF Stickers for Instagram Stories

how to make GIF stickers for instagram stories

Hey, everyone! By now, you’re probably aware of the GIF sticker function in Instagram Stories. I personally use GIF stickers all the time because they’re both funny and attention-grabbing.


I recently published custom GIF stickers to Instagram Stories on behalf of the company I work for, Rebecca Minkoff. If you search “Rebecca Minkoff” in the GIF search bar, you’ll see 6 custom stickers designed by our in-house graphic design team. We made these GIF stickers for a recent press event and they were a huge hit. It’s an incredible branding opportunity to have your own stickers. Over 300 million people use Instagram Stories daily.

how to make gif stickers for instagram stories no repeats or hesitations

I was largely inspired to write this post after experiencing several hiccups to make these stickers happen. Believe it or not, there is no clear step-by-step guide on how to get your GIFs to appear on Stories. Trust me, I googled EVERYTHING. It was super frustrating and involved me frantically emailing GIPHY support several times. This post is here to save you the trouble that I went through to do this. Most of this information was not publicly available anywhere.


how to make gif stickers for instagram stories no repeats or hesitations

1. Make a GIPHY account

The very first step is to make an account on You need to create a username and password just like you do for any other online account. For your email, be sure to use an email associated with your brand (for example, I used my company email, which contains, for my account). This will be necessary later on.

2. Upload and tag your GIF stickers

Once you’ve made an account, you can start uploading your stickers. The optimal size for GIF stickers is 200 px x 200 px and they must have a transparent layer. When you upload your GIFs, there will be an option to leave tags. These are super important- be sure to tag your GIFs with the words/phrases you want them to appear under when someone is searching. For example, I tagged the Rebecca Minkoff GIFs with “Rebecca Minkoff,” because that is the search term we wanted the GIFs to be available under.

3. Get your GIPHY account verified

Now that you’ve uploaded and tagged your stickers, you may be wondering why they aren’t coming up when you search tags on Instagram Stories. For your stickers to actually be searchable on Instagram’s GIPHY search engine (which contains a much more curated library than the GIPHY website), you have to have a verified account on GIPHY (you know, like, with a checkmark n’ stuff). In order for GIPHY to verify your account, you must meet the following requirements:

-Must have a profile photo

-Must have at least 5 publicly available GIFs uploaded to your account

-Provide a company email address, website, and username to GIPHY support

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s possible to get past this stage without contacting GIPHY support. You can send them an email asking to verify your brand’s account and it will save time if you have already met the above requirements. If you haven’t completed the above checklist, GIPHY will just tell you that you need to do all of the following for verification to be completed.

4. Allow processing time for your GIFs to go through GIPHY’s filters/screening

Once your account is verified, it can take up to a few days for your GIFs to be processed. After a racist incident earlier this year, GIPHY takes extra precaution before stickers can be found in Instagram’s search. Due to this delay, it’s a good idea to plan far enough in advance. I was literally doing this the day before the Rebecca Minkoff press event which was super nervewracking and terrible. Give yourself at least three days, preferably a week, if you need stickers for a specific event.

And that’s it! That’s how to make GIF stickers for Instagram Stories. Again, it’s ridiculous how none of this info was streamlined in one step-by-step guide at the time I was uploading the Rebecca Minkoff GIFs. I hope this saves you time and agony- if you have any other questions about GIF stickers, feel free to comment down below!

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  • wow this is so awesome! and i love this step by step guide!!!! thanks for sharing, totally going to share this with my own team 😉

  • Do you know how long it typically takes for giphy to verify your account? From the time you have applied to then contacting giphy support?

    • I was doing everything super rushed because I had a work deadline to meet. I think normally it can take up to a week so definitely give yourself that time. If you don’t hear anything after a week, then reach out to support for sure!!

  • This was literally the best article that I could ever find online.
    By following your steps I was able to help the company I work for have their stickers on Instagram.
    And like you said, it is very weird that this step guide is not on the first results on google. I had to see many websites prior to finding your article.
    Thanks again. So happy!!!

  • I’ve applied for a brand account for our company after reading your super helpful article (honestly the best one yet). While we wait (on pins and needles) to have our account be branded and then verified, not even knowing if this will happen, I have two questions I can’t find answers to on google. Hoping you can help!

    1. Any idea how long it takes to get a brand channel upgraded and then after that to get verified?

    2. As a PLAN B, I’m making our GIF stickers available for free download on our website. But I wonder if anyone will know how to use them? Any suggestions for ways we can explain to fans how to use the GIFs we created IRL while we wait to get verified (or even if we never do)? I can’t seem to find any articles online on ways to do this, suggested apps to use, etc. For our own use, we just selected our own favorited gifs from our GIPHY account (since we are not searchable yet) and when we want to post a story with one of our GIFS, we upload the photo onto the app, add the sticker from favorites, them save and post.

    Not sure if any of you are in the same situation? Thanks in advance! – Donna, founder/designer @bettybelts

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