Top 5 Purchases I Made in June

Hey, everyone! I can’t believe 2018 is halfway over- so weird that it’s July. Anyway, amongst the midst of the holiday weekend, traveling, and apartment searching, I managed to stay on schedule with my blog and channel, which was no easy task, lemme tell ya. Here’s the usual monthly favorites roundup:

1. Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

Chapped lips squad, where ya at? Gonna be controversial here by saying this, but I think chapstick is kind of fake news. Sure, I have tons and tons of it in my various purses but I’ve never felt a special connection to it because it never really solved my dry lips problems. This Clarins stuff, however, DOES work. It’s pricey, but it hydrates like no other.

2. Swing Dress

swing dress old navy no repeats or hesitations

I have a bajillion dresses in this exact silhouette, and there’s a good reason. When it gets to be 95 degrees, like it did in NY this past weekend, sleeveless, breezy clothes are the way to go. Swing dresses are totally a must for any hot climate. I love this one in particular because the pattern is so cute! For those of you who are scared to wear color, black and white patterned dresses are a great way to show more pizzazz without sacrificing your color palette.

More swing dresses:

3. Rook piercing

If you watched my Get to Know Me video, you’d know that I’d been thinking about getting another piercing for months. This June, I finally did it and got my rook pierced! I decided to go with my rook instead of my daith because I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to listen to any music. The daith is much closer to your ear hole (ear hole? ear canal? idk what it’s called, sorry). I’m a big fan of inner ear piercings because they are much easier to take care of and they heal faster. I used to have a cartilage piercing, but I used to bump it all the time when brushing my hair, which was so painful. It’s been almost a whole month since I got my rook and it’s healing beautifully. If you’re in NYC and looking to get an adventurous piercing, I’ve had great experiences at Whatever Tattoo (I got my both rook and tragus done there!).

4. Tank tops

old navy tank top no repeats or hesitations

Why was a normal, plain, not cropped tank top so hard to find?? Smh. Luckily, Old Navy came THRU and blessed this earth with $4 tank tops. Yes, you read that correctly, FOUR DOLLARS! Doesn’t really get better than that, so I bought one in grey and one in black. These are definitely a wardrobe staple, so if you feel like you’re missing some, now’s the time to stock up!

5. Vintage Von Dutch Overnight Bag

HOW ADORABLE IS THIS BAG?? Von Dutch has made a bit of an ironic comeback as of late- they are most famous for their trucker hats during the early aughts. Those hats are hella ugly though, in my opinion, but I thought this bag was both cute and cheeky. I’ll be taking it with me on my trip to Nashville later this week! Get ready for some travel content on my Instagram and YouTube channels.


Would you buy any of these things? What was the best thing you bought in June? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

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