NYX Hydra Touch Oil Primer Review

Ever since brands like Glossier and Milk Makeup took over the beauty-sphere, dewy looks have been having a moment.  Achieving a dewy look, however, is easier said than done. One product too many can leave you looking like you just left the gym instead of getting kissed by the rain. You guys know I don’t normally write a post on a single beauty product, but this oil is just SO good it deserves its own feature.


Enter: the NYX Hydra Touch Oil Primer.

nyx hydra touch oil primer

Believe it or not, before I tried this life-changing oil, I had only tried two other primers previously: one mattifying, one pore-blurring. Neither wowed me in a big way. I honestly can’t really explain how I picked this NYX product out of the crowd. The packaging isn’t super attention-grabbing, and I wasn’t even looking for a face oil. I was just casually browsing my local Ulta and somehow this ended up in my shopping basket🤷🏻‍♀️. But WOW am I glad it did.

nyx hydra touch oil primer

The key ingredients are jojoba and almond oil, which means that this oil is not only healthy for your skin, it smells incredible. The 20 mL bottle comes with a dropper inside and a little product goes a lonnng way. Each morning, I put one drop on my forehead, one underneath each of my eyes, and another on my chin and that’s PLENTY. The oil then seeps into my skin and gives me an immediate dewy glow.

But wait, there’s more. To cover my dark circles and breakouts, I use the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Concealer, which is full-coverage (a.k.a. thicc). Before I integrated the NYX oil into my daily routine, blending my concealer into my skin was quite the challenge. It was cakey and tough to spread around, even with my eye cream and moisturizer as a base. With this oil, even the thickest of concealers glides onto skin like a dream.  My skin looks both airbrushed and natural at the same damn time.

nyx hydra touch oil primer

If you have dry skin, struggle with applying your concealer/foundation, want that trendy ~dewy~ look for not a ton of money, or all of the above, this oil will solve your problems. Your skin will thank you.

Is there a beauty product that changed your daily routine? Are you into dewy or matte looks? Do you use any primers or facial oils? Leave your thoughts below in the comments!

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