The Case for Belt Bags

Maybe it’s because I live in NYC, but I’ve been seeing the belt bag trend e v e r y w h e r e. At work, on the subway, and on the streets, I see people proudly and fashionably wearing their fanny packs belt bags across the chest. If you asked me how to style a belt bag a year ago, heck, six to eight months ago, I wouldn’t have said across the body. And yet, here I am now, proud owner of my very own belt bag, wearing it like a crossbody rather than a belt.


I initially thought the belt bag trend was silly, but slowly but surely, I’ve been converted. I cannot tell you how AMAZING it is to be both handsfree and constantly in sight of your belongings. As the paranoid person I am, carrying any sort of crossbody makes me ever so slightly anxious. Although I have always lived in cities, I am still terrified of being pickpocketed/having stuff fall out of my bag.  Honestly, I am so glad this trend is happening so that I can look cool and soothe my anxious mind at the same time.
I wasn’t necessarily planning to spend any money on a belt bag to follow this trend. I considered using my employee allowance at work to nab one, but fate stepped in and I came across a mini perforated leather one at a thrift store for less than $5. SOLD! That way, if this fad subsides, I’m not left feeling dumb for forking over tons of $$$/allowance. The shoppable slider below has my top picks for cute and affordable belt bags, but I also threw in some higher end ones just for fun (the snake print one nails two trends in one, animal prints are everywhere right now!).
In terms of how to style a belt bag with your existing wardrobe, the good thing is, they match with pretty much anything. For a true street-style vibe, I paired mine with a graphic tee, denim skirt, and heeled booties.

Shirt: Target

Sunglasses: Amazon

Skirt: ASOS

Belt Bag: Thrifted, similar here

Shoes: Urban Outfitters, similar here

how to style a belt bag

belt bag

how to style a belt bag

how to wear a belt bag

Do you own a belt bag? How did you style yours? What do you think of this trend overall? Leave your thoughts with me in the comments below.

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