7 Places to Buy Cheap Streetwear

places to buy cheap streetwear

Raise your hand if you’ve ever lusted after the Adidas, Champion, FILA, and Tommy Hilfiger pieces at Urban Outfitters 🙋🏻‍♀️. Raise your hand again if you’ve ever looked at the price tag on any of those brands at Urban Outfitters and been like……lol nevermind 🙋🏻‍♀️.


If you’re strapped for cash and your local thrift store is picked over (#NYCproblems), I highly suggest checking out all 7 of these places to buy cheap streetwear:

places to buy cheap streetwear

places to buy cheap streetwear

1. Amazon

Amazon coming in clutch once again. I was #shook when I found my Champion long sleeve tee for $20. While their selection isn’t too vast right now, I have a sneaky feeling that it’ll be expanding in the near future 👀.

2. eBay

places to buy cheap streetwear

Me, wearing my vintage Adidas jacket while in Prague. #tbt

Ah, eBay. I’ve been using eBay for AGES and it’s still a highly active marketplace for any brand name you might be looking for. I actually scored a vintage Adidas windbreaker from eBay a few years back and I wore it almost every day when I studied abroad.

3. Depop

If you’ve never heard of Depop, it’s basically like Poshmark’s more hip n’ trendy sister. The interface is designed exactly like Instagram’s and Depop sellers really take their styling and product photography seriously. You’re bound to find a deal on hype brands and heck, score some vintage pieces at that.

4. Etsy

Vintage finds are alive and well on Etsy. Sure, some of the pricing upon your initial search queries can be totally outlandish, but with a little #research, you can make a smart purchase and save some dollars.

5. Poshmark

If you dig deep enough, Poshmark has some serious streetwear gems! I was able to score a vintage Tommy Hilfiger dress from Poshmark for $25. I also love that you can bargain with people on Poshmark to get an even better deal!

6. Kohl’s

Kohl’s gets a bad rap for being that ~uncool suburban mom~ store, but lo and behold, you can score some really good deals on Champion and Adidas. No, really, I’m not kidding. They have tons of promotions on track pants and sweatshirts, so you can score big time. One of the best places to buy cheap streetwear, hands down.

7. Costco

Yes, you read that correctly. You can shop FILA and stuff your face with all the free food samples at good ol’ Costco. I scored an incredible FILA velour hoodie there for the unbelievably low price of $20. They still have a really cute FILA hoodie for sale online right now. Costco TRULY has everything!!!!

places to buy cheap streetwear

places to buy cheap streetwear

Some of the best places to buy cheap streetwear are totally unexpected, am I right? I mean, KOHL’S and COSTCO, you guys. Don’t really see a ton of hypebeasts there haha. UO is pretty much a scam – by combing through this list of sites, you can totally ball on a budget. Where do you guys find the best deals on clothes? What are the most underrated places to shop, in your opinion? Leave your thoughts with me in the comments below.

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