DIY Pearl Letter Barrettes

diy pearl letter barrettes 1

Hey, everyone! It’s been a hot minute since I posted any DIY content (anyone remember this super cute wooden creation o’mine?) but I am so proud to announce my latest creations, these DIY pearl barrettes! Barrettes are a HUGE trend right now, but instead of buying some at Forever 21/Amazon/Asos/wherever, I decided it would be more fun to make my own custom phrases. These took a couple of days to make, but the process was super easy (only 3 steps total!). I outlined how I did it and provided links to all of the supplies I used below.

diy pearl letter barrettes

diy pearl letter barrettes

diy pearl letter barrettes



diy pearl letter barrettes

Wooden letters

Pearls or rhinestones of your choice (I used pearls)

A paint brush

Paint color of your choice (I used black)

Hair clips of your choice (I prefer alligator clips)

Krazy Glue


1. Paint the letters the color of your choice. If you like the way the bare wood looks, skip this step. When painting, be sure to get all of the cracks and crevices on the letters. Wait for one side to dry before painting the other side. Because of the wait time, this step may span over several hours/days.

2. Once the paint is dry, you can start placing the pearls! Even if the pearls you buy have sticky backs (mine do), I would strongly suggest using Krazy Glue to ensure that they don’t fall off.

3. Once the pearls have been glued, wait for them to dry before putting your new clip in your hair (no one wants to Krazy Glue their hair by accident!). Wear with pride.

diy pearl letter barrettes diy pearl letter barrettes

diy pearl letter barrettes



As I’ve said before, I’m freakin’ terrible at doing hair, so I’m very thankful that barrettes are having such a moment right now. They’re such a fun and easy way to make it look like you’re doing something interesting with your hair, even if it looks almost exactly the same as it normally does. If you’re feelin’ these barrettes but not really feelin’ the whole making-them-yourself thing, I am placing custom orders for these! My coworkers and friends have already placed orders, so what are you waiting for? DM me your request or shop my Depop to order your very own.

How do you feel about the barrette trend? Are you running to your nearest Michaels now? Let me know what you guys think of these DIY pearl letter barrettes in the comments. If you make your own, I’d love for you to share with me on Instagram (I’m @norepeatsorhesitations).

This post was inspired by Abigail Christene.


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